Thursday, February 26, 2015

Persimmon Jam

Every Saturday, Marie and Elizabeth and I go to the Farmer's Market/Flea Market and sell Jamberry Nail Wraps.  It is a fun day for us as we work this booth together and get caught up on everything we want to talk about.  We look forward to Saturdays and justify our fun with the fact that we are conducting business :).    While we are there, we all like to get our fruits, vegetables and eggs, which are abundant, beautiful and local.  Last Saturday in my purchase load, I got a basket of Persimmons.
I had never had them before and wanted to give them a try. In Colorado, we didn't always get a lot of fruits and vegetables that are common in other States. The Persimmons, remind me of a cross between a plum and a Mango in flavor. I brought them home for Steve and Luke and I and we ate several of them peeled and sliced.  Yum.  The rest I decided to make into a jam.  I looked up several recipes and liked the simplicity of this one, which I am sharing with you.  Here is the link to the original recipe that I used…. I did make some little changes, such as using lime juice instead of lemon, because it is what I had on hand, and the lime flavor sounded good to me; I also increased the amount of the lime juice, because I wanted a  little more lime flavor in it.  I  left out the honey, that she called for because I wanted to try it without the honey, at least the first time I tried it.  
Wash Peel and Dice 2 pounds of Persimmons.

Place in a medium sized stock pan and add sugar; stir thoroughly.

Cook on medium heat and simmer until fruit is soft and tender.

Add lime juice.

Stir and mash until well combined, or use a handheld mixer and mix well together.

Pour into 2 sterilized 1/2 pint jars, and store in refrigerator.

Persimmon Jam

2 lbs  Persimmons 
1 cup Organic unbleached Sugar
2 Tablepsoons lime juice (or the juice of 1/2 of a medium sized lime)


  1.  Peel and dice the Persimmons.
  2.  Place the diced Persimmons into a saucepan and add the sugar. 
  3.  Cook on medium low until the Persimmons are soft enough to mash. 
  4.  Mash the fruit with a masher, or use a handheld blender, to blend and mash.
  5. Add the lime juice and stir until it is well incorporated.  
  6. Cook a little longer if needed. The jam should be thick.
  7. Remove from heat and pour into 2 sterilized half pint jars.
  8. You can seal in the jars if you like, however this batch is so small, I just refrigerated it without sealing the lids.
Note:  Hachiya Persimmons remain tart and chalky until they are extremely ripe, which you will notice even in the Jam making, so make sure they are nicely ripe.  Fuyu Persimmons are sweeter and can be eaten while still firm.  The Hachiya are acorn-shaped and the Fuyu  are the squat, round bottomed tomato-shaped… the ones I am using are the Fuyu.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

As February Finishes

February has come and gone in a blink.  In reality, it seems as if we just finished Christmas, yet two months have gone by.  Mark the days my friends, for they fly by quickly, and we may miss the things that God is doing in our very midst.  I am resting in His presence through the dark and wintery season and I  know that before long spring will be here; Lets not miss the things He is doing while we transition from winter's stillness into the spring time awakening. Drink in and store up the peace and the fellowship you have with Him.

Steve left today. He has been here some, and in Colorado some, finishing up a job, and finalizing other things.  I don't like him to go, and miss him when he is away.  I am thankful for his love and friendship through all of our years together.  We were able to get quite a few things done while he was here this time, and can mark a few more lines through our list of what needs doing. We consider ourselves still in transition; it seems that so many things "need doing" in that "transition stage".  My girls are coming over tonight.  We are going to try to work on some "bloggy" things together; it will be a little "girls night out" for us.  I look forward to their company, it is always a comfort and blessing to me.

I got a wonderful package in the mail last week from a sweet blogging friend "Nikki" I was the winner of her "giveaway"…. and what a delightful blessing it was. To me it was all things February: candle, bath and body goodies, chocolates, and a beautiful pair of  hot pads made by her daughter Salinn.  The hot pads were adorable, made of denim and calico heart material.  I treasure them and look forward to browsing Salinn's shop.  Check out Nikki's blog and Salinn's Etsy Shop.  Nikki's blog is about family life from the perspective of a large and growing family.  It is sweet and cozy blog that I enjoy reading regularly.  Thanks Nikki and Salinn for the wonderful goodies.  I love how they smell, look and taste, and I am already having fun enjoying every item.

 Have a lovely week everyone enjoy the rest of February; its almost over.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Winter Visit

We've been in North Carolina last week and this week, visiting Nathan and Himilce and our 3 precious North Carolina grandchildren.  It was a first time that we have driven to see them since they lived in Arizona.  How nice it is to think we can hop in the car and be at their home in 7 hours.  We are loving the feeling of saturating our hearts with "our portion".  Children and Grandchildren truly are a reward. 

We got a bit of a Winter blast that we didn't expect.  In fact, we didn't even bring Winter gear of any kind…. I guess we thought we had left Colorado weather behind.  "We are in the "South" now after all"; "there's no such thing as Winter Weather here right?"  Well I guess we found out differently; never the less, we made "do" in the cozy warmth of Nathan and Himilce's home.  

There was enough snow to play in and build a snow man, so the boys went out first to give it a try.

Little Elyse watches the boys playing in the snow from the kitchen window.

"Can I go out and play too? Grammy?"

Don't you love this snow man that the boys made?

It was icy as well as snowy; which made for more sledding power (more than was needed).  Asher took a little ride down the street unexpectedly, just barely missing the fire hydrant, and ending up in the neighbors bushes.. haha.  But they had lots of fun.

"Now what is this strange object?", you might ask.  Can you guess?  This is "baby art".    Elyse couldn't resist putting little fingers into this pear.  

Our visit came too quickly to an end; we said good by and headed home.

On our drive home, we stopped in Savannah, Georgia, and had a fun mini tour of the old part of town, along with dinner.  It was beautiful.  We decided we need to go back and spend a couple of days there when it warms up in the Spring.

It has been very cold here in Florida since we got home.  I think we have had record lows.  But Sunday, it will be in the 70's….  I don't mind that at all.  I always love going away, and coming home.  Have a great week everyone, and I hope you all are staying warm.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day Past and Present

I do believe Valentines Day is my favorite Holiday next to Christmas.  Like most of you, we have enjoyed having Valentines parties for the kids, baking cookies, making Valentines mail boxes or buckets, and making Valentines cards.  Steve and I have sometimes gone on dates in the evening, or stayed home and had little picnic in front of the fireplace or fancy dinner just the two of us at home.  It is a happy week to look forward to in the middle of muddy, snowy, winter months.

I had some pictures I wanted to share from Valentines past, but haven't been able to find them in the midst of this move, because we still have  many things stored in boxes.  So, I decided to share our little Valentines Party from this year.  We combined it with our Valentines card making day.  This Valentines Day, Steve and I are in North Carolina, enjoying a nice catch up with our son Nathan and his family. We have had the fun of distributing all the cards the Florida kids made for them.  Here are a few of our highlights from our Valentines party last week.

Luke made his nephews a Rubber-band Rifle.

Which they all loved.

"Oh… I love these ones Grammy."

"… and I love the Pigs in a Blanket Grammy". 

Pigs in a blanket….

Marie's delicious Blackberry Scones….

Sugar Cookies….

Orange slices….

cheese slices and sprouts….

…...and tea…. always seem to make their way into our Valentines Party every year.
Each addition is a memory of someone in Valentines Days Past.

"Sorry Toby, its all gone".

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Making Valentines

Roses are red, 
Hydrangeas are blue
You are my dear one
  and I love you.  
Who can resist a Valentine poem this time of year?   Those little Rhymes get in my head. Making Valentines is something I love to do, but don't get to do it as often as I would like. It isn't always easy to plan an extra day before Valentines to make them, so they will be ready to give away on  Valentines day.  This year was a year that we were able to plan ahead and have a Pre-Valentines party.  My daughters and 3 of my grandons and I got together and made Valentines cards to our hearts content… or at least until dinner time.  What fun we had.  We were able to make Valentines for all of our loved ones, and get them wrapped and sent, or ready to deliver.

"Lets make some Valentines Grammy".

The day before our "Valentine Making Party", I cut out hearts,

Stamped some little tags

Gathered some stickers.

Pulled outs some paper roses, and little "do dads".

Spread it out on the dining table.

When everyone arrived, we went to work ("went to play" may be a more accurate thing to say).  We all had more fun than I can tell you.

The boys loved having the freedom to stick all the stickers on, and thinking up their designs, deciding who they would make each card for….. and so did we.

"Look Grammy"

Glue, Clip, Stick, Glue some more.

Every last card they made was a treasure and a story in itself.

Making Cards, or even just writing a sweet note on a pre made card to someone you love is a treasured memory and a blessing to the one who receives.

Have a wonderful week Everyone, and enjoy your Valentines preparations.