Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rose Potpourri

I cherish roses and flowers any time of the year, and take great pleasure in roses at Valentines  or whenever  Steve splurges on me.  I find it very hard to throw away those lovely blooms once they have wilted and dried; Thus, I recycle them instead of tossing them out.  Making potpourri is a wonderful way to extend the pleasure of those Valentines roses… or any fresh flowers through out the year.   Here's how.  It is very easy

Rose Potpourri

Dried roses
Dried flowers and herbs such as: Lavendar, Calendula, Chamomile, Echinacia, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme etc.
Dried cloves
Dried bay leaves
Dried rose hips
Essential oils or Rosewater

  1. Dry your roses by leaving in the vase until they are dried, or hang upside down to keep the rose petals uniform as they dry.  Roses hold their shape fairly well for the most part, even when sitting straight up.  Other flowers are more delicate, and may not hold their shape. You can  try hanging them, and if they don't hold their shape, use only the petals for the potpourri. I like to keep the roses whole, because I think the potpourri is prettier that way, but anything goes, really.
  2. Gather dried flowers, herbs, and leaves. I keep Lavender, and various flowers on hand to make tea.  You can find many kinds of lovely flower petals and good smelling whole spices and herbs in the bulk section of the health food store.  I collect rose hips in the fall, and keep them for tea also.  There are many beautiful things that you can forage for right in your own neighborhood.
  3. Place these in bowl a little at a time; arranging them as you go.
  4. Sprinkle with essential oils or Rosewater (you can also put oils into a spray bottle as I did for the cinnamon pinecones, and spray the potpourri thoroughly.  This combination makes a lovely, spicy and floral scent.  You can use any essential oils you like, it doesn't have to be rose.
  5. Place in lovely bowls or containers and put around the house to enjoy.


  1. I love this idea! My roses are drying on the wall and once they are done, I'll have to mix me up some Potpourri! I love your photos! All my favorite colors in one bowl. :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful week! I've been outside watering trees and grass. Everything looks so thirsty out there. :)


  2. Good Morning, How funny, I just downloaded my memory card in my camera, and I had a photo shoot with roses and teapots last week. I am also doing a post on this same subject. Of course mine is not step by step, just kind throw it in a bowl and add a sprinkle of lavender and viola Popurri. Maybe I better send them to your blog :o)
    I think we are twins and bossom buddies! How are you doing? I am flying out of here real soon Miss you already xoxo Roxy

  3. I always hate it when special flowers wilt & fade. I still have a few petals from the very first Valentine's roses my husband gave me. We had only been dating a few weeks and I was so surprised to get roses! I already knew he was a keeper!

    Anyway, thanks for the comments you left. I didn't plan for my blog to vanish but I've explained it all in tonight's post. It was a result of my account being hacked. Not nice but hopefully sorted.

    I know what you mean about favourite bloggers. I've cut back on those I read just now with the busyness of the new baby but I would miss 'visiting' with you and the girls. And Roxy too!

    And yes, my family is as spread out as yours. There are only 13 months between myself and one of my brothers then there are 18 years between him and our other brother!

  4. I was just over by Roxy looking at her post on roses and went to check out where she said we could LD see how to make potpourri and it was your blog :-) Such beautiful pictures especially like the potpourri in the blue canning jar. I will be making this potpourri this summer from my wild rose bush. Love all things roses they are so delicate and pretty. When I was in high school my bedroom had wall paper with roses on it. It will be so nice when the roses will be in bloom again and the birds singing, dreaming of warmer days to come!

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! I agree with is so difficult to throw away those blooms once they've wilted. What a blessing that you are putting them to such beautiful use. I am sure your Steve is very blessed that you are keeping them going in this way as well. :) Many Blessings, Camille

  6. These pictures are so beautiful Mom! I love the one with the jar and the dried rose hips! Those roses were so beautiful and its nice to see how you extended the life and beauty out of them.

    You are always inspiring me and the fact that you have been sick and still posting your lovelies! Your posting has kept me inspired while I haven't been feeling well.

    I miss you so much!!

  7. So lovely! I wish I had thought to do this. I saved the prettiest petals and they are in a jar on my counter. I'm still debating what other scents I would like to add. I love all your other added lovelies -- and the container too! You inspire!


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