Monday, November 2, 2009


Fall brings with it a multitude of happy rituals that bless our lives each year as they appear.  This year fall came in warm and golden, but was interrupted somewhat as Winter tried to barge in ahead of schedule.  Our family was just in time to pick chilis before Jack Frost put an end to that bounty.  The pumpkins seem to hold out a little farther into cold weather, and even though snow came in at least 4 different times, those pumpkins were fat and cheery through the end of October.  We've had great delight in seeing many old friends this fall.  Some through chance, and others through delightful times such as Roxy and Danny's harvest party; which we have enjoyed off and on for many years.  In the old days we used to plan a homeschool harvest party and it was the one time of year everyone was able to come together and share a bowl of chili, have hayrides, enjoy games and family fun.  Roxy and Danny have kept up the tradition, and now we have opportunities to see many friends, as well as another generation of children with their children. 

Here are some pictures of the fall happenings.  I may not be able to fully describe each picture, because I seem to fall into the "special ed." department of blogging when it comes to managing my pictures together with script.  So until I get another visit from Elizabeth and Marie, I may be in that state for a while; But here's to Fall and to many dear friends and family that bless our lives.


  1. I LOVED all the pictures MOM! It was VERY nice to see everybody :)

  2. What lovely pictures mom!! I just love seeing all the fun you are having :) You and dad look amazing by the way.

    I love you SO much and I can't wait to see you. I have been home sick for the last week. Its miserable :(

  3. It is wonderful to here that Roxanne is still holding those Harvest parties. They bring back so many wonderful and heart warming memories!