Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Olga's Graduation Pictures/A Gift from Nathan

My son Nathan is a photographer and film maker, and a very talented one I might add (no bias on my part).  Himilce can make things beautiful.  With the touch of her hand she multiplies beauty to people, rooms, food and more. While Nathan and Himilce were here,  Nathan took some family pictures and Olga's senior pictures.  Himilce helped him with Olga's senior pictures. They make a great team. Here are the results.   Thanks Nathan and Himilce.



  1. These are beautiful pictures and they show the joy that is in your family so well. Nathatn is truelly great in taking pictures!

  2. I've commented on these photos before, Pam - just on the 'cover' of your blog.
    I think they're simply wonderful. Full of love.
    Love, Anne x