Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving and the presence of those we love

The Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us again.  How quickly another year has gone by.   The older I get the more treasured the Thanksgiving Holiday is to me.  Life has brought many struggles to my family and I, but none of which are uncommon to us all. I have come to realize the struggles of life act as a purifying fire, that refines us like gold, removing the dross, and leaving behind the beauty.  As each year passes, the beauty of all that the Lord has done for us becomes brighter and brighter; while sorrow and struggle though often in our midst, fades.    How can I not wake up each day with gratitude that the Lord has richly blessed me.  As the Holiday approaches, I am more consciously filled with the Thankfulness that wells up in my heart.

Last week, four treasures came home for a visit;  Nathan, Himilce, Elon and Asher. As all the hopes and dreams of life come and go, nothing compares to having your children and grandchildren in your midst.  We had our own "Thanksgiving" the Saturday night after they got in, and delighted all week in their presence with us; their coming and going was dear, because even though they were sometimes visiting friends or re-exploring home, their presence was with us.  This makes me think of my relationship with the Lord.  How He loves when we seek to be in His presence; we don't have to be "eye to eye" or "one on one" every second of the day to appreciate  being in each other's presence constantly.  I remember my Mom telling me once that even if we didn't talk on the phone or see each other every day, she felt me "there".  Our houses are close to each other, and we feel each other's presence.  Now she lives half the year in Las Vegas near my brother Dave, and  half the year here I miss her presence when she's away. Of course we still talk on the phone, but there is something more about being in the presence of those you love.

Let us come before His presence with Thanksgiving.... Psalm 95:2


  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A time to get all the family and some friends together and celebrate all that God has done and will do in our lives. And the tradional home cooked meal is something that brings anticipation even months prir to its date!

  2. I like this :-)
    I can't imagine my family being this spread out! We're all on top of each other compared with you. Although we did live in Glasgow for the first 12 years of marriage so we were about 5 hours away by car and ferry. Now, the furthest member of my family is 30 miles away, and one of hubbie's family is a couple of hours away by car and ferry (though all being well, they'll be a few hundred yards away from us in another year!)
    So...happy times indeed for you getting together like that
    Love, Anne x