Saturday, July 10, 2010

26 Years

Its hard to believe how quickly 26 years can go by.  I read the blogs of the sweet young Moms that I know and I think "that was me just a little while ago".  So much has changed in 26 years.  Who would have thought in those days that we would be able to have laptop computers and write about our days and encourage each other and share ideas and pictures and thoughts like we do these days as we blog.  Back then, microwaves had just been around a few years, cell phones were rare and more like giant walkie talkies.  VCR's were only recently out on the market, and we certainly thought they were a luxury we couldn't afford.  You could still watch "The Brady Bunch" re-runs on T.V. and we didn't dream there was anything like "Cable Television"   I already had two precious little boy's ages "almost 4" and "almost 2" and I was given another great miracle in my life which was the birth of twin girls.  Many things come and go in this life, but these gifts of God  (my children) are truly better than them all.  I really get choked up just remembering the delightful days I had raising my children.  We were a happy family.   Things do change children grow up and move away, but the delight that they have given to my life cannot compare to anything except the Love of God.  Marie and Elizabeth have been my delight all the years that I have had them; my best friends, my best news, the sweetest comfort, the greatest encouragement, the happiest moments, a preview of heaven for me.  I know their Daddy feels the same way.  We are very blessed with treasured memories of all the days that they were with us, and are so thankful for the days yet to come. Thank you Lord for them.

Happy Birthday Marie and Elizabeth.  Dad and I love you and miss you and treasure you so much.


  1. They are twins! THEY ARE TWINS!! I didn't know. How precious.
    How did I miss that??!
    Hope they have a wonderful birthday
    Love, Anne x

  2. What sweet sweet sweet words Mom!! I couldn't believe it as I read :( Marie and I are so over abundantly blessed........

    I miss you so badly today :) I love you and Dad so very much..........


  3. Miss Pam~
    What a sweet sweet post! Oh my goodness! I just cried reading about how much you love them. What a treasure you are as their mom, and you and Mr Steve did SUCH a wonderful job as their parents. They are beautiful inside and out, and a joy to be friends with. Thank you for raising them to be Godly wonderful women.

  4. Dear Pam, My Ashley called and reminded me that it was the girls birthday. My, where did the time go? You are so blessed and so our those wonderful girls. You really made me cry over that one!
    Ashley is on line!!

    Check it out!!
    Love Roxy

  5. Mom,
    I have been wanting to get online and read this and I finally did last night, but unable to leave a comment until now. Oh, you just made me cry and smile and cry again. I just miss you and dad so much. It is has been so hard lately. I have had such a ache in my stomach to come home to you and be with you like those beautiful good old days. I love you soo soo soooo much. Thanks so much for your love.

    ~ Marie

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  7. Anne, Danielle, and Roxy, thank you so much for you sweet comments, and for enjoying these moments with me. You all three bless me very much. Roxy, I can't wait to look up Ashley's blog; it will be a treat to get a peak into her life more regularly. I will put her on my blog roll.
    Love Pam

    Marie and Elizabeth... well, you know what I think, and I say it all again.
    I love you Mom

  8. This is beautiful. What a blessing to see your family dynamics...I always love to read your comments on Marie and Elizabeth's blogs. :)

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse of a loving, Godly family--all grown up!

    P.S. Had to add this: I just scrolled down and saw that the word verification for this comment is "wives." I'd say that's appropriate. :)

  9. Davene,
    Thanks so much for popping in and for your kind comments. I always enjoy your comments on the girl's blog as well. What encouragement it is to be able to connect with so many like minded woman.

    Many blessings,