Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Lamp Shade

This little lamp was a hand me down that I thought would look nicely in my kitchen,  but the plain shade wanted to be made over a little to go with my curtains.  A really quick project.

1).  Cut a strip of material  the width of your lamp and twice the length of the circumference of the lampshade.

2).  Clip the bottom to make a little fringe ( this material was a nice woven material and a little fringe worked well this way. The top of this material was already finished on the edge, but if yours isn't, hem it on the top ( you could hem the bottom if you didn't want to fringe it).

3).  Using a glue gun, glue the material to the top of the lamp shade. Scrunch the material together  as you glue to make a little ruffle.

4). Glue a little rick rack around the top of the ruffle.

5).  There you are a quick 30 minute project


  1. So cute Mom! And yes, very simple!! Its so nice to see glimpses of the house in your shots. I love you soooo much.

  2. Sooooo cute! It sure *looks* easy... but I bet it wouldn't come out like that if I tried it....!
    Love, Anne x

  3. You are so artsy!!! LOVE it! Super cute.
    So I was thinking, you come to my house, make it over how-ever you want. I'll supply all the baby time you could ever want, and lots and lots of hot tea. :-D K?

  4. Thanks for the comments girls. Danielle, you do tempt me. :) It sounds like the greatest fun.
    Love you all

  5. I love this project Pam, you are so wonderful.

  6. You're a sweetie Holly.
    Love you

  7. Oh wow mom!!! This is SO adorable! I lOVE it!!! It sets the sweetest light shade too! You make it look so EASY!

    I love you SO MUCH!!!!!!
    ~ Marie

  8. Dear Pam,

    What a simple and adorable craft project! I really love the red gingham...and the rick rack was exactly the right touch to finish it off! I recently redid a lampshade in patchwork for my sewing was a fun project...and a chance to use up some scraps. Thank you for sharing this idea!

    Hope you are having a blessed Monday!