Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mutton Busters and Bronc Riders

Last night Eddie and I went to the State Fair.  We went for dollar day; It was only one dollar to get in and one dollar for the rodeo.  He and I made up a tiny group this year, compared to last year, but though we missed everyone, we had a great time.  My favorite things to see at the State Fair, are, the animal exhibits, the creative arts building, the rodeo, the performing pigs (those pigs just crack me up) and the "Mutton Busters".  I think the "Mutton Busters" are the cutest of all.  Mutton Busting is actually recognized as a sport like the rodeo is, (we even sang "The Star Spangled Banner" before it began).  The object is for a child between the ages of 3 and 6 to ride on top of a sheep from one end of the arena to the next (or at least as far as he/she can get). whoever gets the farthest in their heat is the winner;   I can just picture my grandsons riding those sheep.  It is definitely not a sport for the faint hearted, these little guys and gals are tough babies, and I do think those sheep love being broncs for a night.   One of the little guys who made it half way across the arena before he fell, got up and dusted himself off, and then raised his hand to the crowd and waved as the crowd was cheering him on. It was so cute, I think he was only about 4 years old.  Eddie and I decided that these little kids are training to be future bronc riders LOL.  I couldn't resist this video, you've got to watch it.  Interestingly enough, its a CBS video,  but the story takes place right here in our area at our own State Fair.

Be sure to scroll down and pause my music before you hit play

After the Mutton Busters, we went to the Rodeo, which was great fun as well. The bronc riders and bull riders were our favorites.


  1. I just may have found the ideal sport for our fearless David!! I'd better not show him the clip though or he'll be trying to climb onto the sheep next time we are up at my parents'!

    Unfortunately, I don't think the Health and Safety people here in the UK would ever allow it!

    Looks like a really fun day out.

  2. LOL, yes Kirsteen, that is cute, As I watch those kids, they are all eager to get aboard, and then do it again.. They are like the fearless David.

  3. Oh Pam, that is hilarious! The video had me doubled up! We are definitely in the wrong country. Our kids would have *loved* that.....though I'm not so sure dear uncle with the sheep would have been so obliging!
    Oh I can't wait to show hubby this when he gets home. soooooo funny
    And then rodeo.....oh, we long to visit a rodeo. We have definitely decided if we ever get across again that we're heading further west. It appears this is the time of year for rodeos, too - is that right?
    Anyway, thanks so much for posting
    Love ya, Anne x

  4. Pam - can I show this video on my blog, and I'll link back to you.
    Really, we're here surrounded by sheep and noone's thought of this.
    Mind you, as Kirsteen said, the Elf and Safety guys would be flicking through their How-to-stop-kids-having-fun Manual, quicker than the sheep could reach the other end of the arena!
    Love, Anne x

  5. Ha Ha, Anne, I love that you enjoyed it. I would love for you post the video. Let me know if you manage to
    round up any mutton busters on the Island.
    Love Pam

  6. Oh, and Anne, I forgot to answer, it is Rodeo time around here, although in many places it goes through out the summer. In Cody Wyoming for instance, I think they have a rodeo every night through out the summer, (I'm pretty sure that is what I read when I was up there).

  7. OH MY GOODNESS...Oh cute is that..I have always seen and heard about that going on at rodeos...I Love IT...My Children Just had to watch the video..They want to MUTTON Bust...Okay Not all of them :) Do you think I'm to old for that..I sure would like to take a turn at that...The BULLS are to SCARY..but this sure looks duable... :)

    Love the post..

    And thank you for the kind comments at Pioneer Beauty

  8. Pioneer Beauty, Hee Hee, yes, I think they should offer mutton busting for us older gals :), I think I could stay on for a minute or less and as you say those bulls are a little too scary for me. Although, you should have seen some of the bulls in the livestock area that they were showing; big sweet.. big lugs.. I could perhaps ride one of those. :)

  9. LOL Mom! I had to grave Zane and bring Jon over to the computer so we could all watch it together. It made us laugh so hard! Zane gave his "wuff" sound when ever he sees an animal. I told him that maybe some day he will try Mutton Busting :)

    LOVE you!!!
    ~ Marie

  10. So fun Mom! I don't think I would be brave enough to try this when I was little, but I don't know! :D But maybe little winnie will want to try it one day! I'm gonna have to show Benjamin :)

    I LOVE the very top picture!

  11. Wow, this is fantastic--and for a dollar--wow! Love the pics! I have never been to a rodeo and want to go so much..
    I'm glad you could see the picture of Jesus...I didn't know if my photo was good enough.
    I may not be on for awhile as there is a family
    emergency and I'm not sure if I have to go out of town...(I got news of it last night and believe me, I feel like that picture is giving me hope.)
    Sending hugs your way,

  12. Dear Pam,
    I had to come back and show my Husband..He loved it...I saw that on your comments your daughter replied..and she had joined as a follower on my blog...I didn't know she was your daughter..How special..Oh Yes..and if you could do me a favor..if you could cancel my out as one of the Blogs you follow...and then Push Follow Again...You were the first person that had become a follower and it was so very sweet and I miss seeing your picture in the Little Boxes.. :) If you don't mind of Course..
    In Christ

  13. It's Monday morning....popped over to see your new post, but had to visit the Mutton Busting .... again! Need a wee pick-me-up to get me going this morning!
    Love, Anne x

  14. I love the video on Mutton Bustin', it is a very cute spot to watch!

  15. A lot of fun and exciting, i love watching on it...

    Bryce Rodeo