Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby Ezra

December was a non stop chaotic month for us,  sweetly finalized by the birth of a baby; our 5th Grandson  (No Granddaughters yet....).  The birth of a baby always reminds me that hope is eternal and is one of 3 important things we are told in Corinthians that we should abide in (Faith and Love being the other two).  To me each new life that is brought into the world is a reminder of the blessings of a precious baby that came into the world 2000 years ago: God coming in the likeness of man, that we might be transformed into His likeness.   Wow. Eternal hope.  I cling to the hand of hope every day.

All Grandmas are given bragging rights, and I am no exception, and this little guy is no exception either. He is beautiful, not to mention sweet;  he makes us all feel peaceful.   I am chomping at the bit for Steve to get here so he can have his portion.

I have been enjoying my moment in time with Marie and baby Ezra, Jon and baby Zane, and  (not to be left out)  Strydiss, the giant dog.  We have been peacefully keeping house, taking care of baby and eating some of the delightful meals the Church has brought over to bless Jon and Marie.

Marie took these wonderful pictures, and I have the privilege of using them. 

More pictures to come, when Marie gets a chance to help me.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!! What an angel.

  2. So nice to hear from you Holly, been missing you. Yes, He is an angel.
    Love ya

  3. Ohhhh! I love the tidbits of information! More more! :)

    I love that you are there with Marie and Jon. It brings joy to my heart. I can't wait for Dad to be able to get there as well.

    Talk to you tomorrow Mom!

  4. Awwwwwwwww!!! Congratulations, what lovely news. And what a sweet baby, these photos are precious. Enjoy your time with your new baby grandson xxx

  5. I've just been admiring these photos on Marie's blog too. He is sooo delightful and you are quite right to brag about him! ♥

  6. Oh, Pam, these photos are just incredible! What a precious bundle. No wonder you're loving being there - not only with Ezra, but also with Zane and mum and dad. Is hubby coming soon? He will be desperate to see the new addition. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous (and just wait until the thighs become chubby chops..... ooohhh I'm drooling!)
    Love, Anne x
    Ps - how did you photograph this, Marie?x

  7. These pictures are wonderful - what a treasure! I was just thinking, while reading Elizabeth's blog, that it will be so much fun in years to come to get all five grandsons together. Won't they have a ball together? Can you imagine the noise and excitement?? :)

    I like how you linked the birth of a baby to HOPE. That's so true, and such a good reminder. Thanks!