Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wyoming Road Trip

This time last year, I was on a road trip with Olga, and my friend Roxy.  We had gone up to the Northwest corner of Wyoming to visit  a college that Olga was going to attend.  Now we are here again.  This time  Steve and I are the travelers. A whole year has gone by, and Olga has been through year number 1 of college.  She will be a photography major.  Her work is looking very nice. I might have to post some of  it one day.   She will be staying through the summer taking a couple of classes and working.  She has rented a little house with 3 other friends, and they are settling in.  We came up to bring her some much needed things; Pots, pans, dishes some of her boxes she had packed away etc.  We also brought her a nice start of groceries (amongst which is 20 pounds of potatoes ....ought to hold her over for a few months don't ya think?... that little potato eater... )  It is very pretty country here.  Steve and  I are going to take the scenic way home and come down through Yellowstone National Park, and Jackson Hole.  Can't wait... a long waited for mini vacation for us, even if it is very brief. I 'll post pictures as we go.

Have a Blessed Week Everyone


  1. What a beautiful place - the scenery reminds me just a little of where I used to live in New Zealand - mountains, mighty rivers and blue skies - the land of the long white cloud. Have a wonderful trip, I look forward to seeing more of your photos.

  2. Oh how fun..Montana is very pretty country..I use to be a live in Nanny and there second home was in Big Sky Montana I loved being up there...Have a wonderful mini vacation and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures...

  3. Oh sounds so so much fun mom! I love all that you brought for Olga! I am sure she just loved seeing you guys and all your sweet house warming presents! I want to see those pictures of Olga's!! So excited!!!

    So glad you guys get to have a little road trip on the way home! Can't wait to see all the pictures too!
    ~ Marie

  4. That is a beautiful picture, Pam! Enjoy the vacation!

  5. That looks like such a beautiful place! I need to go and check up exactly where it is though *blush*!

  6. Sounds amazing! We're fascinated w/ that area and hope to travel that way soon!

    You mean you have a photog/potato eater too? What would we all do without potatoes and beautiful pictures???lol

    I've been away from blogland, it's nice to have time to stop by and see what you've been up to. Enjoy your trip!!! Like I even have to say that. ;o)

  7. Hello Pam. I peeked over from Trisha's blog. What a beautiful blog you have and a beautiful testimony of loving your family.


  8. Pam,
    Enjoy your trip, and when you return, send me your mailing address so I can get the cupcake book to you! Hugs!