Tuesday, August 23, 2011

James and Giant Zucchini... or something like that.

When I looked at  my garden today, I was reminded of a book I had read as a little girl, and realized where its inspiration must have come from.  Well, the book was really called "James and the Giant Peach" but I think the author must have first been inspired by the Zucchini  that was about to take over his garden, and was filled with a marvelous and magical imaginative story... and then at the last changed the produce to a peach, because peaches are so much more appreciated by children.

So you work all summer through drought and grasshopper to get your garden to produce something... then at last you are beginning to see some fruit of your labor.... you have zucchini taking over the garden.  It happens every year... in fact I have posted about Zucchini abundance before.  But I love zucchini, it is a wonderful veggie, and it is always faithful to show up to your garden party even when everything else doesn't.  You could feed a third world country with zucchini don't you think?  Well, I think every year zucchini deserves a little post, so that those who are experiencing its abundance can find some ideas to use all that zucchini.  I am going to share some of my favorite zucchini recipes all week... I am hoping you ladies will link up your zucchini recipes with me and share... or at least come by and help your self to my garden surplus.


  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zucchini.... Especially Fried dipped in Ranch.... : ) I was actually going to be doing a post on Zucchini so make sure to look for it...You will LOVE it... At least I think so.. he he he
    How is your Mr.Pooch doing..??

  2. Would you believe I had no zucchini last summer - not one, thanks to the wet weather which just turned the leaves to mush and they completely rotted before any fruit was set. Previous summer was a bumper crop. Here's hoping for zucchini success this summer! I love how easy they are to slice and often layer them in potato bake dishes.

  3. I am just this second off a website with a courgette (we call them) chutney. I may try it, but I look forward to your recipes. Most of our zucchinis go into soup, which I freeze. One of our girls absolutely loves this soup (we all do, but it's her favourite) so I tend to go back to soup, soup, soup :)

  4. David and I say every year, "this year we'll have a garden." Nothing like fresh zucchini in bread! Yum yum yum! Second only to chicken tortilla soup with zucchini. (David says I only make it for the excuse of the sour cream on top)
    Love you!