Monday, August 22, 2011


"I don't know what all the uproar is about,  I was just trying to make friends with a  stranger...  who happened to look a little like no one will let me in the house, or pick me up or touch me.... and I heard them saying they were going to give me a bath in Vinegar... ewwww"  

As an up-date,  I have a new de-skunking formula that works far better than vinegar.  Click the link


  1. Oh Pam..Poor Baby...there is nothing worse than being SKUNKED... : ( You should link this up to My Blue Monday... he he he... I'll never forget when I was in school and I would carpool with another family...My mother dropped me off...Well we all piled in the Garage ( CLOSED ) as we got inside the van...The Mother was just about to open the Garage door and start the Van when all of a sudden this SMELL ( very distinct ) Smell began to CHOKE us out...YES!! a SKUNK... We still went to school that day...but NOT for Long...Everyone kept saying how bad we smelled...Can you imagine...I have never thought getting SKUNKED could be so GOOD...OKAY not all the way GOOD...but it got us out of school that day... : )

  2. Hah! Hilarious! And so is Ruby Jean's story (above!)
    We don't have skunks here - I only ever heard of them from the Little House stories.... so they ARE real, and they really ARE that putrid!

  3. Aww, poor fellow. Hope he isn't banished for too long.

    My only knowledge of curing skunk stink comes from Curious George (which my younger two boys love). He had to have a bath in tomato ketchup, which they found hilarious!

  4. That story cracked me up Angelina (Ruby Jean) I had something similar happen to Steve and the kids and I years ago, but not nearly as bad... actually the dog got it from under the porch, and fumes of it drifted over to us and into the house... someone smelled it the next day in Church... we were a little embarrassed. Now getting sent home from school might have been more fun. I was wondering if you had skunks in the U, Anne. Yes, they do have quite an odor. Kirsteen, tomato sauce is an old recipe... that supposedly works, but I haven't tried it, I have heard from a friends that tried it, that it didn't work as well as hoped for. Actually we did shampoo and a vinegar rinse and that helped 80 percent, and is fading fairly quickly... one more bath wouldn't hurt, but the vinegar did take out more than the standard plain ol shampoo we've done on occasion in the past.

  5. Poor Shorty! I can almost smell her! Such great stories and memories Mom :) Its so nice to get to read a bit of life's happenings from your blog. Its so soothing and comforting even if its about Shorty getting skunked :P