Friday, August 19, 2011

Surprised by the Peepers

While I was in town the other day,  I got a call that Luke had a surprise for me when I got home.  My standard guess of "Puppy, Kitty, Horse," were all  met with "No, you will have to wait until you get home and let Luke show you".    Here was the surprise:

Luke brought home two precious little Chickie Chicks.  So the homestead is being resurrected.  Smile.  
We realized that we will need to build a new chicken coup.  If we are going to build a new chicken coup, it would be a lot of work for only two little chicks.  What to do...... I went to town and bought 12 more.  Problem solved.  In the mean time the chickies are cozy in Steve's shop housed in the old Ferret cage (yes, we used to have ferrets... fun pets.... another story for another time).  
I will up-date you as they grow, and as the chicken coup gets built


  1. Oh how SWEET...and what a special gift those little chickie babies are...We have 18 chickens and are so thankful for the BEAUTIFUL and TASTY eggs they give...

  2. They are so adorable! I can tell spring is around the corner as my chickens have just come back on the lay and my egg basket is filling up fast. Quiche season is here!

  3. Sweet pam,
    This was a great post! How cute those baby chicks are! That Luke is one special boy, knows the way to his momma's heart! :-D
    I was looking at your post just before abi came in and asked me to paint her toes. While I painted them she looked over your pictures, trying to sound out the words. Later she kept asking me, whose that? Is he my uncle? She asked me again last night to bring up "Her Miss Pam's" pictures so she could show daddy.
    Love you so much!
    (I'm sorry for the long comment, my e-mail is only letting me receive, but not send! Grrr)

  4. Oh how cute!! Your going to have some wonderful eggs soon :) Enjoy your new chicks ~Love Heather

  5. TY Pam for the insights about zucchini jam~I'm definitely freezing it so no worries. Yes, I became aware, might have said I was wondering~;-)) that it was low acid. I found that I like it less w/o the pineapple too...too sweet with it for me ;-)) TY again for coming by! hugs,c ;-))