Friday, March 22, 2013

Paper Butterflies

               This is an easy Springtime craft that only requires paper and stencil, scissors and glue.
Sewing machine and grapevine wreath is optional.


Scrapbook paper, old sheet music, old newspaper or magazines (find the colors you like). 
Butterfly stencil
Grapevine Wreath

Use a stencil to create  a variety of butterflies.  You can use a scrapbooking paper punch if you have one; It is more consistent in its cutting perfection and is quicker to use, but the stencil has a variety of butterflies, which is nice.

 Draw your butterflies on the backside of the paper

 I used scrapbooking paper, but you could use any paper that had a pattern;
old sheet music, newspaper, magazine old books.

  Cut out all of your butterflies.

 Pick out and match up butterfly shapes

Glue them together. (wrong sides together)

 I like matching up two colors, then you have a different color on each side.

Press both pieces together, smoothing all sides and edges.  Allow to dry.

You may have edges that don't match. Once the glue is dried, Trim the white off of the areas that don't match.  Bend the butterfly wings like a real butterfly.

 You can run them through a sewing machine to create a banner.

I sewed them in every direction to create a hodgepodge of shapes and directions as they hang.

 You can also glue them onto a grapevine wreath.

To create a soft and pretty springtime decoration for your door.

Happy Springtime



  1. Very cute! Lily would love to make a craft like this!

  2. very cute! never would have thought of that! :)

  3. So, so pretty. And so simple to make too. Thanks for sharing it!

    And thanks for the link you left on my blog yesterday. Will definitely check it out.

    Oh and one more thing, my husband only just found the comment you left on his blog so he has replied to you too!

  4. Oh Pam! I love the new look of your blog. It's sooo nice! And I see you have your new signature on too. Wow, I just love it! I love anything with butterflies and I am so ready to be crafty! I have everything to make this, so now all I need is energy to make it happen. What a neat idea. I just LOVE it!
    (Did I all ready say that!?!)
    Any who, can't wait for warmer weather and time to get out and do something fun, you in?
    And, maybe some Starbucks coffee ice cream....
    Love ya,

  5. So pretty, Pam. And this would also make a really pretty mobile for a little girl's room... Hint hint jk! I agree, the variety of shapes is much prettier than a punch. Some really fine iridescent glitter would be pretty too. I may just have to make one of these!

  6. Sooo pretty! You inspire me!


  7. This is beautiful.

    I would love to recreate this!

    Please could you let me know where you purchased your butterfly stencil grid, it looks fabulous! As well as where you buy your scrapping paper from, I cannot find any elegant designs like you've used anywhere!

    Thank you so much,

    Charlotte xo

  8. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication -- Leonard Davinci Amazing images a simple thing that sublime anything thank you for sharing it i love it.
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