Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage Picnic

Steve had spring fever today, and surprised me with a ride in "Ol' Blue" and a wonderful picnic that he had made.   It has been warmer this week and the snow has melted away.... for today.... We heard the meadow lark sing yesterday, which seemed to us all the beckoning we needed to get outside for a bit and enjoy the sunshine.  I took some pictures (mostly of Ol' Blue) ; they had such a cozy, vintage feel to them I thought I would share them with you.

Love him....


  1. Looks like a lovely day...I'd like to walk right into those pictures! I do believe Spring is on the way! Beautiful Spring!

    Thanks for sharing the great photos!

    Happy Easter!
    He is Risen!

  2. I just loved the idea of a Spring picnic. And to get Old Blue out and moving. Spring is a coming!
    I want a photo shoot real soon, I got the the creative nudge to sew today. So far I am just cutting out some new aprons. Took some pictures :)
    Miss chatting with ya so far this week. How are you?
    New furniture should be coming soon! Now that should get me to Spring cleaning...
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. lovin' the old truck! what great shots of memories that were made! :)

  4. What a beautiful picnic. And ol' blue. And the time spent together ♥

    love it!


  5. Beautiful photos Pam. I am hoping to set up an Easter table in my garden and style it vintage using some of my recent finds. They include a silver sugar shaker, wooden crates and a set of old scales in a mint green shade. I think I will use the picnic basket too as I need pictures of that for my website. I'm so glad you shared this post - I realized I need a vintage flask for the basket so that is going on my 'to find' list! I am finding ideas and inspiration everywhere. Hope you have a most blessed Easter. I am hoping my oven is fixed today or there will be no roast lamb on Sunday! Thought I could make chocolate mousse for dessert and use the vintage sundae glasses I found recently. I'll try and post about our Easter next week, even if it is only photos. I'm going to email you some links to a website which featured my china and the bridal magazine I have an ad in. It's online so you can browse it. You'll love the magazine - very vintage weddings and photos some featuring vintage vehicles too!

  6. I just love that ol' truck. I want one!! (Oh wait, I do have a mini one in my kitchen) But-I want one to drive and have a picnic in too!! :o) Looks like you had a fun day. Love all the pictures you take. God gave you an amazing talent!!
    Love you Pam!

  7. BEAUtiful Pam, I love your photography! And what a handsome cowboy, grrrrr!

    To answer your question my dad is having a hard time, I don't think I can explain it all. The most recent development is his body is taking all of the iron out of his blood to "protect" itself, making him scary low on blood. My poor parents haven't had a chance to breath since before Christmas, new developments keep happening.

    I'm sorry to hear about Steve. Elizabeth just told me, I had no idea. I thought all was healing. I'm so sorry, I will be keeping him and you in my prayers.