Monday, May 20, 2013

A Tea Party

Pictures from my visit; Part Two

When I was in Florida, the girls gave me a little Birthday and Mother's Day tea party.  My birthday was in February, and Mother's Day was still to be a week off,  but to me this was the best of holidays, because I was with them, and so blessed by their beautiful party, gifts and precious moments; having these moments together, was the most treasured present of all, and some of my favorite memories.

 Marie made this beautiful Lady Baltimore cake.  Click here for the recipe from Marie's Blog

 It was a wonderful rainy day, and you can see the rain on the windows in the background; what a beautiful table and atmosphere.

 The little boys were ready with tucked in shirts and hair combed back.

 We always seem to love having orange slices with all of our tea parties.

 These beautiful hydrangeas flourish in Elizabeth's yard.

 Some lovely gifts.

 Candles added the perfect light on a rainy afternoon.

 Beautiful to look at and to eat, with orange filling, a glazed  frosting and coconut flakes all over the outside.  Click here for some of Elizabeth's posts on coconut.

 "I'm ready for a little slice of that pretty cake now Mama".

 "Me too"

"Have another orange before we start on the cake".


more treasures...

 I love his little face scrunches.

... and more treasures still...

What beautiful smiles...

"Oh I wonder when we will cut into that cake".

At last....

Slices for everyone...

 Little boys like tea parties as well as anyone.

What a beautiful day this was.  I love to look and look at these pictures, and drink in the sweet feelings and memories of this day all over again.  Thank you my sweet girls for giving me such precious moments.  I hold those moments right here in my heart....

....and thanks everyone, letting me share these moments with you.

Part Three is still to come.


  1. Beautiful! Such pretty smiles.

    That cake looks amazing! Wow! What a gorgeous party!

  2. Oh Wow Pam, what a beautiful way to honour a mother, you must have felt so special. I am going to pin that recipe onto my slice of heaven board and try it for sure as I love orange flavour in cakes and find myself some coconut flakes.

  3. I am soaking up all the goodness with. I was transported back in time through your beautiful pictures. Oh my!! Such handsome boys. Beautiful dtr and lovely cake :-)

    So glad you had so many sweet moments and a birthday on top of it all!

    Happy Birthday Pam!!


  4. What a sweet tea party you did have indeed and beautiful pictures to treasure it! Love Heather

  5. It was such a wonderful rainy day mom, and I am so glad we were able to enjoy that cake with you. You are so fun to celebrate and I am so thankful we got to do this with you! You are our fun!

    LOVE you
    ~ Marie

  6. Your tea party looks so precious and sweet. My, that cake is so pretty! You are blessed my friend!
    May you always have a double portion :)
    Always, Roxy

  7. Beautiful!! Really, reading your posts and looking at your photographs take my breath away!


  8. Oh Miss Pam,
    This post just absolutely made my night!!!!
    You're sweet treasures are so precious to me!!!
    I'm so glad you were celebrated!!!
    Love you!