Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Monet Garden

Pictures from my visit: Part One

I am home again, and catching up.  I brought a cold home with me, which wasn't really the thing I wanted to bring to Steve and Eddie, but well what can I say, people are coughing all over the world, and especially on airplanes, so it is very difficult to get through so many flights without out that little bug getting ahold of a person.   After a couple of days recovery, and a little un-packing and re-order of the house,  I am feeling my "normal" come back.

I had such a nice visit; I don't think I will be getting over it any time soon;  Those moments with your grown children are so cherished especially when they are hard to come by... and the grandchildren... well, I will try not to be too emotional on my blog but what can I say... sniff, sniff.  I decided to post my trip in three parts, so that I don't inundate you with too many pictures at once.

Part One:

The Monet Pond

  Marie and Elizabeth and their families have had a wonderful opportunity to buy a property with some land and 2 houses.  It is like a little bit of Eden.   On it, they have a "Monet" Pond.  

At least, that's what I call it, because of the beautiful Water Lilies.

 The day we took these pictures, it was overcast, and really such a beautiful day, because it was cool, and felt so nice...

but alas.. the Water Lily blooms were closed.  I wish I had gotten them when they were open, because they were so beautiful.

 But these were blooming, and aren't they beautiful?

It all reminds me of  Monet Garden, and a Monet Pond.
I love the plants and flowers in Florida and North Carolina.

 Too Cute for words

I had to randomly snap as many pictures as possible,

  So as not to miss a thing.

 I could eat them up.

The 3 musketeers are double cousins.  Here's the story if you haven't read it yet. 

 They are almost like brothers.  Many people often think the 2 on the right are brothers and even twins... but they are cousins.  The two on the outside are the brothers.

 And here is  member of Elizabeth's family... this is a famous cat, his antics are known by many.  I have never met a cat quite like him.  His name is Bay.

 And this a member of Marie's family.  Her name  is Mocha... she reminds me of a Meerkat..

Don't ya think?

Goats and More...

And then there are the goats... 


 Inspecting the Photographers equipment...

 Another Photographer...

Notice  Bay in the background.. determined not to be left out of the publicity.

 Such a sweet smile.

 "Hi I'm Stafford.  I am Bay's brother...notice the family resemblance".

 Stafford is the Chicken Guard.  He chases all the Hawks away that desire a tasty chicken dinner.
He is very good at his job.

No chicken flock is complete with out a wonderful rooster.  Love how he watches over his girls.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 this coming week.  Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. & all that went with your visit!

  2. Such a beautiful time. I love that pond!! How fun that they can both live on the same land.

    YES those two boys on the right DO look like twins or at the very least brothers :-)

    What a sweet time away visiting, snuggling and soaking up family.

    Glad you are back home, minus the cough, and looking forward to part 2 and 3 :-)


  3. Love the pictures,Pam! Just beautiful! Those boys are wonderful! cute!

  4. I love this peek into your visits with family! I can hardly wait for the next posts!! :)

    What an incredible place for those three little men to grow up on! :)

  5. What beautiful photos of the boys Pam and what a gorgeous property. We have water lilies on our pond and it is always a delight when the flowers open. We also have cycads - they are getting huge. It's funny one of my boys looks so much like one of the sons of his father's cousin they could almost be twins or at least brothers. They have never met and live in different countries but we could not believe the resemblance so we put two pictures up side by side on facebook for the families to see. One of the boys thought it was a picture of himself! Interestingly, they both have curls like your grandchildren. Hope you get over your cold quickly. Our weather has turned cold after some crazy summer temps in autumn. I'm looking forward to making soup again. Have a bridal fair to prepare for so not sure when I'll find time to update the blog, maybe I should just share a few photos rather than think of things to write! Hope you have a blessed week as you settle back into life at home.

  6. Your grandbabies are beautiful! We have colds running through our home this week too.