Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Byes and Hellos

We said our goodbyes to Marie and the little guys on Tuesday and hello to my parents on Wednesday.   I'm not too good at goodbyes unless I am the one leaving.... I don't know if that is a selfish thing or not... I guess being the one going away puts a person into distraction mode... thus making it easier.  We were able to distract ourselves fairly well this time around, because we are embarking on an adventure as a special treat from my parents.  We are on our way to Alaska.  We dropped our precious threesome off at the Denver airport on Tuesday evening, spent the night in Denver, right next to the airport... and off we went early Wednesday morning, on the plane to Seattle where we met up with my parents, and then flew to Vancouver  together.   We  are going on  a cruise to Alaska.   I have had a wonderful fill up of  my heart with Marie and the kids, and am now  happy with excitement for this special treat.  I don't know how much I will get to post as I go along, but am having fun taking pictures, and will post  sooner or later.  I also have the last pictures of Marie's visit, and our special evening with the boys, where we had a mini backyard campout.  We were celebrating Zane's birthday a little late, because we had been waiting to celebrate his birthday until they came to visit.  We had a great time together, with our "new/old" little camper trailer, and a fire in the back yard.  Zane got a  sleeping bag for his birthday, which was a hit with him.  We had a cookout over the campfire and Marie and boys slept in the camper.  I will upload some pictures once I get a little more internet time; in the mean time, have a wonderful week everyone.

NOTE; I wanted to note to some of you, that you may have seen a post entitled "Peaches and Cream Fruit Rollups", coming from my blog, and have not been able to get onto that page... I have just realized what has happened.  I was working on that post before I left, hadn't time to finish it, but accidentally hit publish.. ugh.  So I quickly reverted back to a draft, but I have had a couple of comments wondering where it is.  Well, evidently it is showing that it is there, but of course it is back into drafts... I will finish it and publish when we get back... sorry about that one, but stay tuned for a good recipe after I get all caught up on my posts.


  1. Have a wonderful time!!
    You take all the pleasure and the sights to its very fullest.
    Will miss you both dear friends...
    Next trip Hawaii!!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Have a great time on your cruise, what fun. Glad to no what happened with the post:-) Look forward to seeing your pictures.

  3. Hi Pam! This is my first time to your blog...and you are going on a cruise? How exciting!

    Enjoy, enjoy!