Saturday, August 10, 2013

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

We are saturating our hearts with all these precious moments

and making memories.

 Delighting ourselves... in sweet little grandsons and one of our precious daughters.

We have had the most wonderful cool days,

There have been thunderstorms every evening with amazing cloud and lightning displays.

 We have enjoyed delightful discoveries, and happy days of play.

Snips and snails 
puppy dog tails
such are little boys made of...

Water and dirt
"where is your shirt",

Fishing and walks
throwing of rocks,

Beetles and bugs 
so many hugs,

Drawing with chalk
loud, happy talk,

Small pollywogs
turn into frogs,

Going on hikes 
4 wheeler bikes,

Looking at clouds 
laughing out loud,

Marbles and games 
running in rain,

Camp and hotdogs 
a fire out of logs

Hunting a bear
toys everywhere,

Cookies and tea
Mommy and me,

Sweet little songs
which my heart longs....
Such are my memories of you.


  1. Looks like you have been having a wonderful time. Grandchildren are so fun and a time to make so many memories. Your grandsons remind me of when our grandsons were little:-) Have a great time, all of your pictures look like so much fun!

  2. Dear Pam, Very very precious!!
    The poem was just delightful...
    Your joys are my joys!
    Blessings Always, Roxy

  3. Oh Pam ... wee boys ... *sigh* :) :)

    What wonderful photos ... I think the one near the top with Steve, the boys and the dogs is just. so. special.

    Give my love to Marie ... Oh,okay, you can give my love to these adorable boys too (any excuse for another hug, eh? ;) )
    A x

  4. Oh my! Just precious! I love the one of the two boys on the Polaris (the first picture). That needs a frame and a spot in the living room :-)

    Your family is beauitful. It's a gift to be able to soak in their presence and enjoy them, love them and laugh with them.

    So happy for you!


  5. Hi Pam,
    Just want to tell you that when I try to see your last post about peaches it comes up that the post doesn't exist, not sure if it is just my computer.
    You will have so much fun when your grandchildren can spend the night, I still love it even as they get older. Each stage has its rewards:-)


  6. Hi Pam,
    I am not sure what is happening when I go to your last post Peaches and Cream Fruit Rollups it goes to your blog but says that the post does not exist, or it takes me to the this post. Hoping your next post will let me on it, I even tried another computer. I can scroll down and see the rest of your posts. Who can tell with computers. I do enjoy your blog so much so hopefully will be able to see your next post. Have a wonderful evening.


  7. Wow!! These are amazing pictures. What fun treasures they are. Each and every one of them! (Of course my favorite one is Zane and Ezra cruising on the four wheeler)

    I am so blessed to be able to be apart in your family and watch as they all grow, too!

    I enjoyed our visit and wish it could have been a bit longer, but boy was it fun to chit chat with you and Marie!

    I hope you are having a fun Cruise! And, I hope you are taking more pictures, can't wait to see them upon your return!

    Love You Pam!

  8. Your post was a wonderful tribute to childhood.

    A precious time to build ever-lasting memories



  9. So sweet! It makes me want to go visit you! So miss having them close! Blessings!