Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Highlights

We have had a lovely week, with our family arriving on various days.  We have feasted together, seen old friends, stayed up watching movies, played games, had a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner, a chaotic but happy Christmas Day, a yummy Christmas Brunch, a perfect, joyous day of sledding, and a wonderful catch up on family "lovin", and enough baby kisses and grandson squeezes to boost my heart for quite a while.  Here is a recap for you with what words I have left (not many mind you).

Precious granddaughter (the one and only so far)… isn't she a scrumptious Cinnamon bun.

Precious daughter-in-law holding the little Cinnabun.

Brothers from left to right; Russell, Eddie and Nathan

Little Zane gets tickles from Uncle Nathan.
Daddy and  his Cinnabun

 Christmas Eve; Cozy, cousin comfort.

"Can I have my mouse now Grammy?"

Elon; ready for Christmas Eve Dinner.

Christmas Eve Dinner was our "fancy" dinner.  We set up two tables really pretty, with tablecloths, good silver and pretty candle center pieces.  We all of put on our "nice clothes".  Their were 14 of us, including Steve's Mom Jo, and baby Elyse.  Our neighbor Dale was intending to join us, but postponed until Christmas brunch the next day.

Christmas "Jammies" are a Christmas Eve tradition…. 

Cousins contemplating.

"Let me show you this, Ezra"

The kids open jammies and 1 little book on Christmas Eve.

Love this Christmas package.

Two little cowboys eat their Christmas brunch "sporten" their new jammies and cowboy bandanas.

Our precious Marie and her little Ezra.

We hung these on Christmas Day.  We had hoped for snow to hang them in, but didn't get our Christmas snow.   So we hang them and hope it doesn't get too warm to melt them before the birds find them.

Friends stopping by;   "Look at the Christmas tree in the back of Dale's truck Grampa"

 Our Guys

Little Zane.

Asher and Zane

"The presents are all done Grammy"

Boys like trucks….

especially old blue trucks with Christmas trees.

"Can we play on your backhoe Grampa?"

Marie and Jon

Precious "Cinnabun" dressed for a tea party.

We didn't get our Christmas snow, but we found enough snow to have the most wonderful sledding party….

with our children and grandchildren and our dear friends Roxy, Julie, Barry and Amy and their children.

This wonderful hill of remaining snow belongs to our friends Hamp and Sherrie; who said "come on over…" and so of course… we did.

The four wheeler was perfect for hauling the big sled and the gang back up the little hill.

This little Cinnabun is a Colorado baby deep down inside.  She just absorbs, enjoys, and delights in all the goings on.  She likes to eat snow.  An idea all her own.  

 When she was put on the snow, she would look at it and put her face down in it, and then try to eat it.
She never grew tired of this or ever appeared cold.  She reminded me of a little Eskimo baby.

Mama and her little snow kitty.

"c'mon Ezra, keep going".

Handsome Russell

There goes Asher.

We made a wonderful picnic of saddlebag sandwiches,  crackers, cheese and olives, fruit, Christmas cookies, coffee and cocoa.  Himilce put most of it together, and everyone pitched-in in a variety of ways.  Amy made this delicious healthy, moist, gingerbread click here for the recipe.

Little Grandsons love to ride with Grampa

Barry (Roxy's Son, and Amy's Husband) brought this wonderful sled that we all enjoyed the most of all.

We brought chairs for our picnic… perfect day.

The sun was warm and bright.

Elon is dreaming of the day when he can drive one of these all by himself.

You can see that our snow was almost all melted...

But there was still enough for sledding, plus a little dry ground for picnicking.

Uncle Eddie is giving Asher a ride back up the hill.

Julie, Amy and Roxy

Well that was my recap of our  happy, Christmas week full activity.  We celebrated 4 birthdays last night: Ezra turns three next week, then Eddie turns 18, then Russ turns 23, then Little Cinnabun Elyse turns 1. Marie, Jon, Zane and Ezra left today… miss them very much already.  Nathan and family will leave on Wednesday, then Russell heads out on Friday.   The guys are going skiing on Monday, and we will have a cozy New Years Eve together on Tuesday.  We are still trying to squeeze in every last morsel.   I can't say it is ever any easier to let any of them go….sigh; oh well that's life isn't it.  Hope you have had a wonderful Holiday, and hope you have wonderful New Year.


  1. Dearest Pam, I have had a wonderful time seeing all your amazing pictures of the Christmas family memories! I loved the pictures of the sledding!! We had a blast!!
    Half my life has been captured through your talent at picture taking. I want to wish you and your whole family a blessed and Happy New Year 2014!!
    Blessings, Roxy xoxo

  2. It all looks heavenly. I love your little "Cinnabun!" too precious! Your family is so beautiful. Love all those smiles.

    What a great idea to go sledding and have a picnic. I love hearing what other throw together for a picnic. Thank you for including that.

    Your heart must be full to overflowing. How fun to have some lingering till New Years.

    Such sweet times!

    Happy New Year Pam ♥


  3. Reading your words and seeing all these lovely, smiling faces warms my heart. I can hardly believe Elyse is going to be one soon; that year sure flew by for me! :) I got a kick out of your sledding. You all were definitely making the most of the snow you had. :) A very happy and blessed new year to you and yours!

  4. Oh this is like eating really good chocolate Mom! I love all that you captured! I can't believe you got all these pictures, you are GOOD! It brought such a big smile to my face reading this and going through every picture. We had SO much fun with you and dad and the family. I am so grateful to you for recording it for us all to see! Thank you so much. The sledding truly will stay in my happy memory box for years to come! I do think that it should be a family and Jones family tradition!
    Love you and missing you so much.

  5. Pam~
    What a beautiful family!
    Thanks for the sweet post. Always so fun to see and share in holidays, fun times with others that we seem to "know" from blogland! Smile!
    I agree with Cinnamon, a wonderful idea to picnic. You all could of come our way to sled...ha we had lots of snow and now we have the ice/cold temps!
    Thanks for sharing.
    A Happy New Year to you & yours. May your year be filled with many more special memories, health, growing even closer to the Lord & each other!

  6. I am two days behind seeing this post! And what a POST!!! Oh my, talk about making my heart pound with excitement in all that you guys did! And seeing almost all the cousins together is so precious! What wonderful memories they are going to have. You and Dad always make everything so wonderful.

    I love the sledding party you had! And seeing the precious faces of the Jones family, put such a huge smile on my face! What a SLED!!! I hope you are enjoying your Monday and taking it easy with Himilce and that precious Cinnabun :) Give her a squeeze and a kiss from her Florida Aunty :) I love you so much!

  7. Oh Pam! It was so nice to get to come up and see all of you. Sledding was so much fun and the boys keep asking when we can go again. Next sledding party, I think we are gonna try San Isabel. See how many victims, oh I mean how many people we can get to go. Ha Ha!

    Your little Cinnabun, was just so delightful. And yes, I think she is a Colorado baby. She just loved that snow.

    It was so good to catch up with the family, they sure have grown! I miss them all ready.

    Enjoy your time with them and have a very Safe and Happy New Year!

    Love you guys,

  8. Wonderful to look thru your holiday time! Definitely looks to have been a Merry Christmas!and New Years!
    Thanks for sharing the great photos!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!