Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Fare

So, 2014 is underway.  I wonder how long it will take me to write 14 instead of 13 on all of my dates… it seems like every year it takes me a week or two to get it down.  Nathan and Family flew home on New Years day.  Russell flies out today.  It is already very quiet around here.  We are going to miss the joyful noises.   We have cleaned and organized car and home, and everything is almost back in order.  Steve and I both had to pause when we looked at that highchair... we put off putting that away for the moment....maybe tomorrow.

 Yesterday and today I am "un-Christmas decorating"; I think I am far behind many of you.  I have sometimes had impulses to "un-decorate" right after Christmas, but I rarely seem to be able to do it until after New Years.  Either way, it is always nice to get everything back in order again and tidy.   I love the New Year when it seems as if all things are new again.  It is nice to start fresh; like waking up to a new day. 

Here are some final highlights from our wonderful Christmas vacation.  They are really our New Years Eve highlights; the closest thing to a New Years Eve party we had.  We went to Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs, and to Focus on the family and "Whit's End".  It was a wonderful day, with another picnic, hiking and sightseeing.  On New Years day, Steve and I took Nathan and family to the airport in the wee hours of the morning, then did a few things in Colorado Springs some of which was "after" Christmas shopping.  We had some Christmas gift cards to spend, so we went on an date, and made a day of it.   Yesterday,  we cleaned and organized all day, then we made a barbecue rib dinner to enjoy with Eddie and Russ.  Russ's favorite meal is Barbecue ribs and garlic mashed potatoes, and we like to make at least one of those meals while he is here. 

Little "Cinnabun" likes it best when she is in the back pack with Daddy.

She loves to look around ….

… and in no time she is asleep.  She isn't one that likes to sleep much, but when she is in that backpack she goes right out.   Perhaps she feels that even though she is sleeping she is still a part of what is going on.

This lovely area in Colorado Springs is called "Garden of the gods", but to me it is "God's Garden".  It is beautiful.

Elon wants you to see the beautiful view.

The sign recommends that you stay on the trail incase rattlesnakes are present.  Good advice for life I think.

Its good to have grandsons.  They remind you of  life's simple joys.

"C'mon and check out this cave, Elon".

The red rocks are beautiful, interesting and fun to climb around on.

Nathan, Steve, Elon, Himilce and Asher.

Focus on the family was also a great place to bring the kids.

The boys loved sliding down the big slide that goes down 3 stories.


A doll house rendition of "Whit's End".  Focus on the family has created all sorts of fun for kids, based on their  radio show "Adventures in Odyssey".  It is delightful to the kids.  

This is an old airplane they can climb through.

Elon found the puppets and puppet stage.

He has a look that reminds me of his Daddy here.

Well, I am off to start my day; Finish de-decorating and make some muffins.  Steve's Mom and her cousin are coming to tea today, so I am going to get up and "at em".
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. What fun you all had Mom! I'm sure the boys were stoked over Focus and the Family! We need to do that when we come! If we can fit it in ;) The pictures are gorgeous of 'God's Garden' I like that name much better! I hope you enjoyed your tea time with Grandma and it was sooooo nice getting to talk to you today. I hope I didn't make you late :) I love you so much Mom!

  2. Dear Pam, I have sure enjoyed your lovely blog over the past few months visiting from Cinnamon's!

    We are part-time Coloradans and just today were driving through the area of God's Garden - so beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your life and family. I can't wait to pour into motherhood at the season you now embrace. Your reflections sound just like what my mother in love would be thinking (the high chair).

    Hugs to you


  3. Dear Pam, thanks so much for making every phone call and every holiday and every tea an extra special occasion! You always treat others so gracious and kind!
    The post was very sweet and allowed us to see another family holiday trip!
    The high chair thing hits my heart also... Loved that wee little bug XO
    Much Love, Roxy