Monday, December 9, 2013

Kitchen Makeover: Part 3

I considered waiting to post this until we finished a few things we are still wanting to do with our remodel, but decided I would go ahead and post it now, and when we finish with those last details,  I will try to post again.  We are done enough to be enjoying the make over and are very glad we did it.  We will probably go ahead and replace the counter top in February or March.  The microwave is going to be adjusted down lower and Steve is going to build a soffit above it.  Also, He is also going build one more cabinet in the kitchen, but here it is up to this point.  Click here for the "Before Pictures"

New paint on the walls in the dining room.

New paint on the kitchen walls, and beautiful new oven.  It is a double oven, with a smaller oven on the top for every day cooking, and a larger oven on the bottom for when I am cooking in large pots  etc. 
We loved that feature.

The narrow cabinet on the left used to come down farther than the rest of the cabinets.
Steve cut it down and now it matches on the bottom.

There used to be a large funny shaped counter top here.  We removed it and put this barstool height
table and chair set.

The China Cabinet used to be on the far wall where the buffet is.  Now it is on the wall where the pass through window used to be.  We are thinking about what pictures we want to put over the buffet.  Steve is also going to put another sconce to the left of it,  that is yet to come.

Here is the china cabinet where the pass through window used to be.

The walls and cabinets have all been painted.....

and new appliances in.

You can see the blank space where the new cabinet/shelf will go, and the microwave to the right of that space will be lowered a little bit.

We put an old armoire where the bakers rack used to be, and  Steve added shelves to it.  I have so much more room to put things away now.  It has helped organize and ease up space in a big way for me.

I have loved having many things at waist height.  I used to have to really be a gymnast to put things away and pull things out.  I got some baskets to help organize our vitamins and various other odds and ends.  I put all of my lids in a basket... much easier to keep track of them that way.

I'm still using jars for all of my dry goods... and love it.

We got this cute little corner shelf; which I love. 

Thats all for now.   Thanks for stopping by and checking  out our progress.   Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Season.


  1. Dear Pammie,
    Your new kitchen is just beautiful and spacious, and oh so cozy!
    I have loved these after pictures!
    May you have so many more wonderful meals and memories in these coming Holidays and in the years to come!
    I am always so inspired by your post! The quality of your photos and the choice food selections are amazing! You're an artist through and through,
    Merry Christmas to a very dear and precious friend!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Oh Pam I love your new kitchen. Steve has done a great job. It has so much warmth. It makes me want to come and visit and have tea. I resisted the temptation and trends to paint my kitchen cabinets white. There is something very warm and comforting about traditional timber finishes plus I have white tiles throughout my home and it's hard enough keeping those clean! I now have 3 dressers through out my home. My new kitchen one is huge. It was a real bargain and is the most solid piece of furniture I have ever owned. It holds vintage china, glassware and silver cutlery. There is also room for all my cookbooks. I too have set out my silver teapots. One is filled with purple salvias and elder flowers at the moment but I plan to fill some with greenery and maybe some red flowers for my Christmas table. I also have an almost identical corner shelf to yours. Mine is in the bathroom where it holds a jug and basin, candles and spare toilet rolls on the bottom shelf - has to be practical too! Okay, this will make you laugh... I am buying a certain brand of frozen fish next time I go shopping with the sole reason to enter a competition which has a prize of a trip to Colorado. I announced this to my family last night when the ad came on the television. Forget the skiing, if I win I am coming to visit you and Roxy and its the only reason I am buying frozen fish!
    Hope all your plans for Christmas are going well. I'm off to Melbourne next week for our son's graduation so hope to do some Christmas shopping there and avoid the temptation to buy any more antiques!

  3. I love it! The colors are so comforting and soothing. Very nice!

    Your new fridge & stove are wonderful. They must be sparkling clean, which is a plus in itself :-)

    I love all the baskets and canning jars tucked away. So pretty.

    I can just imagine all of your family gathered there and a few snuggled in at your adorable table off the kitchen. Perfect! It looks like a perfect place for a checker game :-)

    So happy for you~


  4. Oh WOW Mom!!! The kitchen looks amazing and now I am so excited to see it in real life! You and dad are so amazing! You guys are so fast! Please tell Dad he is an amazing carpenter and builder! Love you taste mom! So beautiful!

    Love you
    ~ Marie

  5. Oh my word Mom! I can't stop scrolling through the pictures and soaking up the beauty! I just love Dad's and your taste! The warmth and rustic feel really is making me homesick for you two! Now I just need to be there in person! Maybe a skype view until then :)

    We are almost back to business here :) I have half the place in order. Now we really need to do skype! I love you so much!

  6. It looks so amazing! I love the colors you picked out. They are so warm and cozy and very country.

    And, it looks even better in person. Enjoy!


  7. Way to end the year! I guess this is the last part of your kitchen makeover project. I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since you announced to revamp the kitchen before the holiday, and now it’s time to take those decors off. Isn't it amazing how time flies? Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Arthur @

  8. Thanks Arthur,
    I appreciate you stopping by. It is hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by since we began the project. We closed up shop during the holidays, but plan to get back to work on some final details shortly.

  9. Ah, Pam! Your kitchen looks beautiful! Just had a chance to look back and see how it turned out!
    You and Steve are amazing! What lovely work!

  10. It’s so amazing how your kitchen turned out great! You mentioned you have plans of replacing your countertop. Have you started on that yet? What type of countertop do you have in mind, by the way? Are you going to keep the color theme of your kitchen, or are you going with a new one? Can't wait to see the transformation!

    Homer Collins