Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paper Heart Garland

I officially began decorating for Valentines today; I'll share a couple of these easy decorations the next couple of days. Yes, the first one is another paper garland.  I like paper decorations like this, because they are inexpensive and easy to make, and charming to look at; at least I think so.  Did I mention that My daughter Elizabeth and grandson Winston are arriving here on Saturday... I am sure I did mention that before, but just in case I haven't, let me just say: " my daughter Elizabeth and grandson Winston are coming for a visit on Saturday". You know I can hardly wait!!!!  Oh, and did I tell you that Elizabeth and Winston and I are having a Valentines Tea Party (yes another one) on Valentines Day. With some old friends;  So, its time to decorate.  Here's the easy  Paper Heart Garland "How to" by pictures.

Get a nice selection of scrapbook paper.

Draw and Cut out your hearts: Use the back side of the paper to draw them.

Sew them together, leaving a tiny bit of space between each.  Make a long garland or several short ones; big hearts or little ones; I did all of the above.

Now its time to dec the halls.


  1. Well Hello There!

    This heart garland, looks beautifully pretty! I love hearts! Of course, it could be because my birthday is on Valentine's Day, but I still LOVE them! That's the time you can get away with anything pink and red, especially in my house!

    I am looking forward to our tea party next week. I am getting a little excited now! :)

    And.... I'll see you tomorrow too!
    Be safe!


  2. Dear Pam, I was so inspired by this post, as I was only half way through reading it and I grabbed my paper and scissors and my heart patterns and I made one just in honor of you!
    I have had just the best time cooking and preparing today.
    I did not clean the floors as I will be hosting 11 children in my home tomorrow, Maybe I can get some pictures and use your post as a link... Bounce, Bounce...
    Happy Birthday to you Dear Sister!
    Love, Roxy XOXO

  3. Wow Mom, seeing this beautiful project brought back so many memories! Valentine's Day together again is truly my hearts delight!

    I remember being six and living in the little house. It was bedtime and the night before Valentine's Day. You had decorated the chandelier with hearts. Marie and I were lying awake seeing something unusual from our room into the dining-room. We both kept starring at the chandelier and asking the other what was hanging on it? We were convinced it was monkeys! I remember getting so stiff and being unable to move, because of the monkeys hanging from the chandelier lol! Finally, one of us, (maybe both) hurried over to the table and peeked up at it and realized it was the Valentine's hearts! Haha! That was the same Valentine's that Dad had brought the baby calf down and you took some pictures. See what those hearts did?! I am a child again and I love it! :)

    I cannot believe I am just one more sleep from being with you and Dad! I am so excited to see all the decorations! You are so wonderful Mom.....

  4. I have a garland too that I made a couple years ago. It's a fun little project. Your paper is beautiful!


  5. Love this post! I hope to get some pretty paper tomorrow to make my own heart garland. Thanks. :)

  6. Such a pretty garland and such an easy one too! I would never have thought of machine stitching paper together.

    I love Elizabeth's memory of the paper garland. So funny!

    Hope you have a wonderful time together and enjoy your second valentines tea xx

  7. How nice and so easy to do..
    Lovely time of the year to decorate.. Love hearts..
    God bless..

  8. Simple but lovely idea! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  9. Ah! Another great idea! So much fun! I really LOVE reading your daughter's memories too! Such a nice peek into a great family!