Friday, February 7, 2014

Paper Hearts with Spanish Moss

Here is another simple and inexpensive Valentine Decoration.  It too is a paper heart.  This one has the addition of Spanish moss, lace, and dried or paper flowers.

Decorate doors, walls, chandeliers, cupboards and more.


 Paper Hearts with Spanish Moss
Card stock scrapbook paper
Lace trim
Spanish Moss
Dried, paper or silk flowers

Cut out 2 hearts in size of choice (these are about 8 inches around)
Cut enough lace to go around paper heart
Cut enough lace to act as a hanger for the heart.
Glue lace around outer edge of wrong side of one heart.
Glue together wrong sides of  the two paper hearts... with lace edge on the inside .
Smooth two pieces together, Evening out all lumps and smoothing the edges of the heart.
Grab a portion of Spanish Moss big enough to fill the inside of the heart and glue to the center of the heart on one side.
Glue flowers on top of Spanish Moss.
Dry until stiff.





  1. Good Morning, These are so cute!
    I don't think I have any Spanish moss, will prairie grass work? Hee Hee! I want one of those for my Pink Room.
    It's going to be a great day!!
    Big Hug xo Roxy

  2. This is so pretty! I'm all excited to make this now too!


  3. I love these decorations! So beautiful... Blessings :-)

  4. Mom, this brings back my earliest memories! I remember these when I was so little. I love them and I love the effect they have for Valentine's Day.

    I am so glad you did this tutorial for me. You remember you helped me with these when I lived in Ohio? We made these for my Valentine's Tea Party craft. And they were such a success!


  5. That is so pretty thanks for sharing Love Heather

  6. Love this Pam! It has been a while since I did some crafting. Might be something I could do with my twins this week as I know they would be giddy with delight if I showed them and would beg me to make them with them... might need to find some moss and some pretty card. Have lots of lace though. Still have not found time for another blog post and unlikely to do so with a wedding approaching which I am styling.... preparing myself to wash and pack over 90 plates, bowls, teacups and polish cutlery, teapots and lots more. But determined to stay in touch with my blog friends so will do my best to leave comments when I have a spare moment. Renamed my business too to reflect more accurately what I do .. It's now called Grace My Table. I suspect that you will like that name!

  7. Another lovely idea.. Such a great tutorial..Valentine's is such a wonderful way to celebrate during the Winter, eh....
    Take care..

  8. What a beautiful door display. Like I mentioned before I love any and all hearts! You are just so crafty, Pam! I haven't felt very crafty this year, it seems to me that I need to slow down a bit and get my glue out... HA! Thanks for inspiring me!


    PS... See you on Friday :)

    Love ya,