Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Good Hair Day

I was away this week.  I went to Nevada for my Niece's High School Graduation.  It was sweet to get a chance to catch up with my family there;  My Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister in Law, and my 2 precious nieces.  My Mom hasn't been well the last several weeks, and now she is having some extensive tests done, so please keep her in your prayers.

Rachel and Her little dog Mandy.

 My niece Rachel, my Mom and My niece Jessica

Rachel and Jessica with some of their cousins after a sleep over.

While I was away, Steve took the dogs to get  "coiffed"…. yes they got their hair done for the summer.  Now mind you Shorty has never been "Coiffed" before in her life (other than her baths… especially her de-skunking baths, which don't really count)… so all of us were amazed at her beauty underneath it all.  I think she is amazed as well,  and is liking all the extra attention  she is getting now that her hair is so delightful to touch.  Every body needs a "Good Hair Day" now and then; even Toby and Shorty.  And now they get to have their pictures taken with "Ol Blue"; just so that this "Good Hair Day" can be recorded in history.  But first, you must see a "before and after".

This is Toby and Shorty a few years back (Shorty was still a little bit of a puppy then); and Toby is definitely a little Teddy Bear when he has all that hair isn't he?

 And here they are today; so noble poised and dignified...

"Yes we are"….

 "Awwww just kidding, lets go for a ride in Ol' Blue"

 "Even with our fancy hair cut, we're still just "down-home" folks aren't we Toby".

 "Sigh… I just love Ol' Blue don't you Toby?"

 "Yep, I'm pretty partial to this ol' truck"

Have a "Good Hair Day" Everyone.


  1. Will pray for your mom.

    Your dogs are so cute, I miss having a dog. It has been two years since we had to put ours down, first time with out a dog since we have been married.

    What a fun time to celebrate graduations. We went to one for a friends daughter today, special time. They adopted their daughter from India we were there when they brought her home. Times goes so fast.

    Have a wonderful Lord's Day.


  2. Dear Pam, I loved seeing the picture of your Mother! She is such a pretty lady! And your wee little pooches look so cute and so ready for a ride in Old Blue!
    Blessings, Miss Roxy

  3. Hello There!

    First off I want to say I had to look at those pictures twice of Toby and Shorty. Toby looks like a whole new dog. He looks so different with no hair, I mean oh my gosh... so CUTE! I think you should write a children's book! :)

    I have been praying for your mom, Pam! She is such a precious woman. I just love her too! I'm so glad you got to spend time with the family and am so glad you are home!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


    PS... Those green beans in the previous post... Um, yummy!
    I need green beans now!


  4. I'll be praying for your mom Pam. Glad you had the time to get away for the graduation. Your 2 Pups look simply adorable. What a remarkable difference!! ♥

  5. What gorgeous photos:))) the dogs are so cute.