Saturday, June 14, 2014

Featured in Woman's World Magazine

Here's a happy thing that's happened to me in the midst of several difficult weeks.  I was featured in Woman's World Magazine for the June 23, 2014 issue. It is actually in news stands right now.  My Rose Potpourri has a place on page 37.  I have been waiting until it had actually been published before I mentioned it on the blog, just incase something went wrong and it didn't make it into the magazine. I picked up one of the magazines today and there it was.  I don't know if any of you ladies read that magazine, but if you do, I hope you'll have a look  on page 37, the bottom half of the page.  There are several articles about roses. I was very honored to be asked to be in this issue.  Click the picture if you want a link to the magazine. For any of you who aren't familiar with it, Woman's World is an easy to read woman's magazine found in the check out line at most grocery stores in the US.  It features recipes, health, home decorating,  and many other topics that women enjoy. When I was asked to participate in this issue of the magazine, I discovered many women (friends and family) that love the magazine, and pick one up regularly. It is an inexpensive and handy magazine to take with you when traveling, and I have since found that I too, enjoy grabbing one when traveling, because it is a simple pleasure, delightful diversion, and easy to pass to some one else, once I've read it.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I am still in Nevada sorting through my Mom's estate with my two brothers and some of our family.  I will be back home in about a week. Thanks for popping in, thank you so much for your prayers;  those of you who have left comments, thank you so much for your kind words.  They have meant very much to me. Its easy to under estimate how much a kind word or a word of encouragement blesses someone, but let me say emphatically that your words have great power to strengthen, encourage, bless, refresh and comfort.  May you all be blessed as well.


  1. Hello, How wonderful Dear Pammie...
    I need to go get my copy before they are sold out! I am so happy and excited for you! You Go Girl!!
    Miss you so much!
    Love, Roxy

  2. Congratulations my friend!! How fun! May the Lord continue to give you grace and strength as you sort through your Mom's estate. Those a tough things to do. Praying for you. Hugs, Camille

  3. Oh how special. I remember when pot pourri was so popular. I used to make my own. It always looked so pretty set out in a china bowl on the coffee table. Perhaps your article will revive a trend!
    I was so sorry to read of the loss of your mom. I have been praying and will continue to pray for you at this sad time. But loss does not mean 'gone'. Only a change of address and the promise of a future reunion. What a hope we have in the Lord. My mother is now 84 and becoming frailer but not yet housebound. The women in her family have been blessed with longevity through many generations but I know one day the Lord will call her home and I will receive that call and plane tickets will have to be booked in a rush as it was when my dad passed away suddenly in 2001.
    I enjoyed looking at your old family photos. How beautiful is that cafe in Portugal?

  4. Hi Pammy, I rushed out yesterday morning and bought my copy of Women's World so I could have a copy of your first, of which I think will be many, articles.
    Lovely magazine and I will put it in my treasure chest.
    God's blessings to you and yours.
    Love, Barbara

  5. That is wonderful!

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. May the Lord sustain (continue to sustain) you.

  6. That is so cool! I have to run and get my copy! Now for those children's books ;)

  7. Of course YOU are in Woman's World!!! You are so creative!!

    I looked for it the other day at the store but didn't see it. I will keep on the look out. Sometimes our library has some old copies.

    Congratulations, very exciting!