Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Heading Home

We have finished sorting and settling business here at my Mom's house. Steve flew in on Sunday evening, and our son Nathan flew in on Monday evening. We had the funeral and reception yesterday, which sad and sweet. Sometimes you just move through things, and find yourself on the other side.  God's grace is there.

The last two weeks have been non-stop and it has been even more hectic the last few days, with all that needed doing for funeral and reception and as we finished with packing and loading of furniture and household goods that belonged to Mom. We are sharing a moving truck with my brother Mike, to bring things home to Colorado.  We have been sorting and packing all week, and taking things over to my brother Dave's house, packing our own boxes, making a "Goodwill" pile.  

Steve and Nathan drove out this morning about 5:00 A.M with the moving truck and will arrive home late tonight.  My brother Mike and his wife Gloria left a few hours later.  I will stay and do a little more tidying up, spend one night with my brother Dave and head home via airplane tomorrow morning.  I'm ready for Colorado and home.  I feel tired, and a little numb.  I believe I deal with stress best in the numb mode, and thaw back out in my own time when the peace can flow again.

 I've posted some pictures of my brothers and I when we were little.  We had many adventures together.  They are sweet memories.  The last one is a picture of us together when we are grown… I thought it was only a few years ago, but as I began to calculate the year, I realized it has been 18 year, (my niece Rachel hadn't even been born yet).  I meant to get a picture of us yesterday at the reception, but we didn't seem to get our thoughts into that mode.  Another time perhaps.  I have a picture in one of my albumns, of my Dad and his sisters taken at the reception of my Grandfathers funeral.  It is a special picture; the last time they were all three together again, and even though it was a sad occasion, it has a sweet memory associated with it. I had kind of thought of taking a picture like that.  I guess I'll sign off now, and get back to the final clean up.  Have a wonderful week everyone.  Hope to be back to my routine fairly soon.

Dave on top, Mike in the middle me on the bottom.


  1. Such bittersweet times and memories my sweet friend. sorry for your loss. May the Lord give you much grace and peace in the midst of the tears and numbness. He is with His children each step of the journey. With Love, Camille

  2. Dear Pam, so glad you have sweet memories! Safe travel to everyone!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Glad for your sweet memories, they make times like this a little easier. Sounds like everything went well that is a blessing.
    Keep leaning on the Lord he is your strength.
    Have a safe trip home and get some rest.

  4. Pam~ I simply adore your hair when you were a little girl. Sooo cute! What precious memories in those pictures. To look back on and smile, remembering your Mama as she was.

    So thankful you have a haven (home) to go back to and a wonderful husband to care for you as you sort out feelings and thoughts.

    You have been on my mind and in my prayers since your first post.

    Sending you {{hugs}}