Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Florida Makes Room

Florida has made room for us and we are feeling settled in our cozy new home.  We are renting a wonderful two bedroom Condo from our daughter Elizabeth and son in law Benjamin. Click here to see a post of some pictures of when they lived here, and our daughter Marie and family lived next door.   It is the perfect starting place for us, and we are looking forward to this season of being here close to our children and grandchildren.  We want to live here for a few months, and get a good feel of where we would like to settle permanently; as we get our bearings, and learn our way around,  this will work out wonderfully…. and we feel like kids again; we are having a great time exploring our new world.

We are unpacked now….and just about caught up.  The girls and I have even had some days to work on a few projects and Christmas decorating ideas.. I can tell you I am loving every bit of that. Working together with them,  and making Christmas decorations with the little grandsons of mine is at the top of my list. 

The beach is beautiful even in Winter.. yes, I can get used to this.  Shorty found out that she likes being a beach bum as much as being a ranch dog, and wearing a leash has become a positive thing to her, it means she gets to go for walks and sometimes to the beach, rather than the vet or groomer. Chasing Seagulls is as much fun as chasing cows, and she doesn't get into trouble for chasing Seagulls. On her first trip to the beach she went a little cuckoo; she ran after those birds, and probably would have kept running to Georgia if Luke hadn't caught up with her.

Here is the front of our cozy home.

…. the front entry.

Shorty on patrol in our front entry.

A view of our kitchen and dining room.

This little condo of Benjamin and Elizabeth is lovely and full of happy memories.

The family room has a nice gas fire place, and opens onto the deck which over looks the pond.

A happy memory of our chickens;

A Florida Rooster?  Well perhaps not, but he is a neighborly fellow who instead of a "cocka doodle do",  stands quietly by and gives us his company while we have our coffee  in the morning (unless Shorty sees him first…. then she goes after him like she did those Seagulls, and away he flies.  On the other side of this deck railing, is the little pond where we enjoy the coming and going of Egrets and other beautiful water birds.

Luke and Shorty at the beach.

Shorty is gazing off into the distance at the Seagulls.

Toby is napping as he stands in the sun.. haha.

The ocean is just beautiful to me… do you see the Cruise ship in the distance?

 Here are a few of my Christmas Presents;
Ezra (left) and Zane (right)  are Marie and Jon's boys, and Winston (in the middle),  is Elizabeth and Benjamin's boy.

More Christmas Presents
 From Left to right, Elizabeth, Luke and Marie.

The Lord reminds me of the Joy of "New Beginnings"

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Thankyou so much for the update. It really feels as though we were there with you looking round your new place!

    It must be strange going to such a different place but like you say, also an adventure!

    And it must be wonderful being so close to your grandchildren now!

    Hope you all continue to enjoy the final run up to Christmas!

  2. SO happy to see an update from you my friend! SOOO happy for you to be so close to your girls and their children...God is just so good to us, isn't He? Your condo looks so welcoming and cosy. I think your plan to take your time to explore and decide where to settle is a wise one. Merry Christmas to you! Hugs, Camille

  3. It's so nice to hear you are settled in and roaming the beaches :-) Your home is lovely, bright and cherry. I'm so glad you are there and with your family.

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Isn't it fantastic living near to the beach? In many ways you are going to be living a similar lifestyle to our family here in Australia. We are 10 minutes from the beach. We live on a country road but a short drive to the river. Another half hour and we can be in World Heritage rainforest. There are times when I see photos of NZ and I become sentimental for the scenery which would in some ways remind you of Colorado but have to say I have become very fond of this warm weather (ok, today it is stinking hot and humid) but we are settled here and our children have jobs and lives here now. Your condo look lovely and homely. I noticed the tiled floors - you will love them, definitely a must have in warmer climates! Your grandchildren are just adorable. Our families think alike when it comes to choosing great Biblical names! My twins have just turned 5 and my 'helper' turned 15 yesterday. Our Luke will be home for Christmas. Hope I can be in touch again before Christmas but if not have a wonderful time in Florida celebrating with your family. My sister will be boarding a plane in the UK on the 18TH on her way to Florida.

  5. Such a nice place and it is wonderful that you can take time to figure out where you want to be etc. Your home looks beautiful and like you are settling in well. :) Enjoy those grandbabies!!

  6. Great to see you again. I loved the tour of your new home and hearing how things are going for you! Blessings in your new surroundings!


  7. You are looking onto the same ocean as I look out to! I am so excited for you to be beginning on this new adventure. Family is everything, so to be near these beautiful daughters you have and their adorable children .... well, that would make *any* place lovely. But to add the beach and warmth to these pleasures...!

    I'll need to get used to you in your new surroundings. Much as I love the sea, I've always felt part of my heart was in Colorado (yeah, stupid I know... I've never even been!) but I would not want you ever again to be so far from your family.

    Love, Anne xx

  8. Dearest Pam, I did not see this post! Amy asked me if I had seen it as she saw it on FB I am like "WHAT"
    I just love it so much! It looks amazing and every place you have ever lived it looks so comfy and cozy!
    The pictures of the girls and the boys and Mr. Luke and the doggies were so precious! I feel so much better seeing these! I miss you so much...
    Kids will be here on Sunday!
    Merry Christmas; Please Email me your address! Have a blessed weekend!
    Tell those kids hello from me!
    Love ya, Roxy