Tuesday, February 24, 2015

As February Finishes

February has come and gone in a blink.  In reality, it seems as if we just finished Christmas, yet two months have gone by.  Mark the days my friends, for they fly by quickly, and we may miss the things that God is doing in our very midst.  I am resting in His presence through the dark and wintery season and I  know that before long spring will be here; Lets not miss the things He is doing while we transition from winter's stillness into the spring time awakening. Drink in and store up the peace and the fellowship you have with Him.

Steve left today. He has been here some, and in Colorado some, finishing up a job, and finalizing other things.  I don't like him to go, and miss him when he is away.  I am thankful for his love and friendship through all of our years together.  We were able to get quite a few things done while he was here this time, and can mark a few more lines through our list of what needs doing. We consider ourselves still in transition; it seems that so many things "need doing" in that "transition stage".  My girls are coming over tonight.  We are going to try to work on some "bloggy" things together; it will be a little "girls night out" for us.  I look forward to their company, it is always a comfort and blessing to me.

I got a wonderful package in the mail last week from a sweet blogging friend "Nikki" I was the winner of her "giveaway"…. and what a delightful blessing it was. To me it was all things February: candle, bath and body goodies, chocolates, and a beautiful pair of  hot pads made by her daughter Salinn.  The hot pads were adorable, made of denim and calico heart material.  I treasure them and look forward to browsing Salinn's shop.  Check out Nikki's blog and Salinn's Etsy Shop.  Nikki's blog is about family life from the perspective of a large and growing family.  It is sweet and cozy blog that I enjoy reading regularly.  Thanks Nikki and Salinn for the wonderful goodies.  I love how they smell, look and taste, and I am already having fun enjoying every item.

 Have a lovely week everyone enjoy the rest of February; its almost over.


  1. Oh Pam, my thoughts exactly....where is the year going? Is it really almost March? Wow!!

    I was making your yummy Chili the other night....oh it's sooo tasty. It just hits the spot on a cold winters night. It is by far, my favorite Chili recipe ever ♥

    I'm sorry your dear one is gone. That's no fun at all. Also glad to hear your girls are over to keep you busy and have some fun. What a sweet time that must be~

    We're due for some snow tonight. I'm looking forward to it and as Rosie likes to say "I'm staying inside" :-) haha! So thankful I don't have anywhere to be but home.

    Sending hugs~ Cinnamon
    p.s. I have a set of Salinn's potholders too. Such a sweet gift.

  2. Dear Friend,
    I am so glad that your package arrived for your pleasure. Glad you enjoyed your little gifts. It sure was FUN preparing to send off to you. :) You take beautiful pictures!!

  3. What is your Chili recipe that Cinnamon mentioned? I want to try it too!!! :)

  4. Nikki,
    I have two Chili Recipes, and I think Cinnamon might be talking about the recipe I have listed as "Chili" in my recipe tab. I also have a recipe for "Green Chili", which is a favorite at our house as well. Click the recipe tab above, and you can see them listed under those names under the "Main Dishes".

    Cinnamon, you actually make me miss the snow a little bit (only a little bit mind you). I like to think of a cozy, snowy night inside by the fire with a pot of chili :)

  5. Okay.... Knock it off the snow is wet and cold and you just have to learn to love sea water and salt and sea shells better!...
    What blogging things are you three up to??
    I am keeping my eye on you girls!
    I know that you love pretty Hotpads cause you cook all the time!
    Love you! Happy Spring is right around the corner, I just had someone ask me what corner LOL

  6. What a sweet surprise! How lovely the gifts are. Before you know it your Steve will be home again. How wonderful it is that you have your girls close by to do girls night out with. Hugs to you! Camille