Friday, February 20, 2015

A Winter Visit

We've been in North Carolina last week and this week, visiting Nathan and Himilce and our 3 precious North Carolina grandchildren.  It was a first time that we have driven to see them since they lived in Arizona.  How nice it is to think we can hop in the car and be at their home in 7 hours.  We are loving the feeling of saturating our hearts with "our portion".  Children and Grandchildren truly are a reward. 

We got a bit of a Winter blast that we didn't expect.  In fact, we didn't even bring Winter gear of any kind…. I guess we thought we had left Colorado weather behind.  "We are in the "South" now after all"; "there's no such thing as Winter Weather here right?"  Well I guess we found out differently; never the less, we made "do" in the cozy warmth of Nathan and Himilce's home.  

There was enough snow to play in and build a snow man, so the boys went out first to give it a try.

Little Elyse watches the boys playing in the snow from the kitchen window.

"Can I go out and play too? Grammy?"

Don't you love this snow man that the boys made?

It was icy as well as snowy; which made for more sledding power (more than was needed).  Asher took a little ride down the street unexpectedly, just barely missing the fire hydrant, and ending up in the neighbors bushes.. haha.  But they had lots of fun.

"Now what is this strange object?", you might ask.  Can you guess?  This is "baby art".    Elyse couldn't resist putting little fingers into this pear.  

Our visit came too quickly to an end; we said good by and headed home.

On our drive home, we stopped in Savannah, Georgia, and had a fun mini tour of the old part of town, along with dinner.  It was beautiful.  We decided we need to go back and spend a couple of days there when it warms up in the Spring.

It has been very cold here in Florida since we got home.  I think we have had record lows.  But Sunday, it will be in the 70's….  I don't mind that at all.  I always love going away, and coming home.  Have a great week everyone, and I hope you all are staying warm.


  1. SO happy for you that you had that special family time...and even some snow!! Hugs to you! Camille

  2. Ah snow... and in the south non the less! I think this storm is going to hit everywhere this go round. I actually got to go hang outside today in a short sleeve shirt, trimmed the rose bushes, walked to the mail box and by the time I got back to the house it dropped 25 degrees! Talk about a drastic change in the weather. Fire is now going and waiting for the snow to start falling. Brr! It's gonna be a cold few days here.

    I hope you enjoy some sunshine for us!

    It looks like you had a blast at Nathan and Himilce's. And that snowman was just too cute! Or should I say handsome?!

    Miss you so much, Pam!


  3. Such fun to see those precious grandbabies and YES that snowman is too CUTE!! Glad you had fun even in the cold. :)

  4. That's a "southern" snowman for sure...gotta love it. The snow we had was so icy you couldn't make snow men but it was great for sledding if you were so inclined and could find a slope. glad you have been a able to spend some time with those grands, special times!

  5. Hello, What a blast of old man winter, but the kids loved it! I can remember finding potatoes that the kids bit into and apples with bites out of them!
    Those sweet grandkids are getting so big! Have a wonderful evening!
    Praying always...