Saturday, February 7, 2015

Making Valentines

Roses are red, 
Hydrangeas are blue
You are my dear one
  and I love you.  
Who can resist a Valentine poem this time of year?   Those little Rhymes get in my head. Making Valentines is something I love to do, but don't get to do it as often as I would like. It isn't always easy to plan an extra day before Valentines to make them, so they will be ready to give away on  Valentines day.  This year was a year that we were able to plan ahead and have a Pre-Valentines party.  My daughters and 3 of my grandons and I got together and made Valentines cards to our hearts content… or at least until dinner time.  What fun we had.  We were able to make Valentines for all of our loved ones, and get them wrapped and sent, or ready to deliver.

"Lets make some Valentines Grammy".

The day before our "Valentine Making Party", I cut out hearts,

Stamped some little tags

Gathered some stickers.

Pulled outs some paper roses, and little "do dads".

Spread it out on the dining table.

When everyone arrived, we went to work ("went to play" may be a more accurate thing to say).  We all had more fun than I can tell you.

The boys loved having the freedom to stick all the stickers on, and thinking up their designs, deciding who they would make each card for….. and so did we.

"Look Grammy"

Glue, Clip, Stick, Glue some more.

Every last card they made was a treasure and a story in itself.

Making Cards, or even just writing a sweet note on a pre made card to someone you love is a treasured memory and a blessing to the one who receives.

Have a wonderful week Everyone, and enjoy your Valentines preparations.


  1. Dear Pam, What fun it all looks!
    I bet you all had a ball...
    I need to make a few myself, I bought all mine for the kiddos this year! What a neat post and getting to see everyone.
    Happy Valentines Day To All

  2. So sweet!! I am having a Valentine Card Challenge to spread God's love to the imprisoned children of Uganda. I created a blog for it:

  3. Your Grandchildren are blessed to have you nearby and willing to do special things with them. That is soooooo Sweet!! Where did you find such cute Hello Kitty stickers? My girls would LOVE them!

  4. Nikki, I got the Hello Kitty stickers at Target. I can never resist that Hello Kitty stuff. Thanks for the comments.

  5. What a great idea. I know y'all had a lot of fun with this. Memories made in addition to cards

  6. Oh my goodness... what fun!

    I think everyone did a fantastic job on their Valentine's! What a treasure indeed!

    I sure will be missing you and the girls this Valentine's Day!


  7. You are so creative. I love it. Plus the sweet family that you are so near now. That's the greatest part, right? :-)

    Thanks for sharing your fun ideas~