Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Days and Little Things

We're just about half way through summer.  Life carries on and so do we.  Nothing profound is going on in our part of the world. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, grown daughters, grandchildren, picnics at the river and beach, writing and a few creative projects…. they are all the everyday things that I am up to this summer.

I got my crocheting out again recently.  It has been a few years since I have worked on any kind of crocheting or knitting.  Marie,  Elizabeth and I found a large stash of yarn that I had stored.  We all got inspired and have been crocheting ever since. It has been very satisfying to crochet  in the spare moments.

The grandkids and I are going to paint rocks this week, and I bought a bushel of Georgia Peaches at a roadside stand the other day. I am thinking of making a Cream Peach Pie; these are ordinary uneventful little things  to be sure, but they are the substance of life.  I remember when I was growing up, how the summer seemed to stretch so long.  My best friend Judy and I would mull over what we wanted to do on each day, and would always end up riding our bikes, swimming, playing board games, hopscotch or four square. or walking to the little 7 eleven convenience store a couple of miles away.  Our biggest cares were the few chores that we had to do, and where we got the latest skinned knee.  There is something so sweet about those days, that were simple, and uneventful.  Some of the little mundane  have more value in them than we sometimes realize.

I don't think we should underestimate the value of the  ordinary and little things. Living a peaceful and quiet life in itself is a testimony.  A smile someone gives you when you are struggling with something painful in your life may seem small, to them, but it is really BIG to you. I know this first hand.  A little word of encouragement may go unnoticed by others; but to you it is huge and it does not go unnoticed by God. He sees the faithfulness in all of the little things that you do: getting up each day and providing for your family, the kindness you show to others, the help you offer, the noticing of someone that no one else notices, the eye contact you make with a smile or a nod or a kind word, the honor you give others, the words you speak, the sweet memories you create with your family, the work you do with diligence, the prayers you pray for loved ones and strangers alike, the forgiveness you extend, the love that flows from you, expressed in a touch or an action; cooking a meal or writing a note or making a little gift or even the giving of a cup of cold water, It is valuable, its like glue that holds our life together.

I hope you are all doing well.  Perhaps your days are filled with ordinary little things, but don't underestimate the value of those things, or be impatient that nothing seems to be happening.  So much goes on in the unseen world that we don't see at this moment.

Have a great week Everyone.

And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.” Matt. 10:42


  1. What beautiful things you are making. :) Yes summer used to seem sooooo long but now most of our days are too short and I find myself wondering how another week could have flown by. Love this season of life we are in. :)

  2. SO enjoyed this post and your thoughts and photos my friend. You are a sweet encouragement to my heart. Hugs to you! With love, Camille

  3. lovely!!

    Crocheting! Something I've never mastered. Knitting, neither!!

    A peach cream pie? Have you ever tried a Peaches and Cream Supreme Pie? here is the link to a recipe on my blog. It doesn't use too many peaches - but it is wonderful

    Just thought I'd share... :)

  4. Hey there Pam! I love the ordinary days and the simple way of living. It is indeed a blessing. It sounds as though you are having a great summer and all the crafts and cooking you have been doing look wonderful to. It's nice to be able to do a craft or picnicking with your daughters and grandsons. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. Miss you so much, Amy

  5. Dearest Pam, I must say that this is the very same heartbeat of my thoughts lately. I loved seeing the boys and your projects are just so creative and such a treasure for anyone! I also find crocheting to be very relaxing even in the summer. And as we both know these days are really far from ordinary LOL
    Love You and Yours...
    Hugs, Roxy

  6. Pam, those socks are adorable! I never thought to do that but it will be a good project for me this winter. My granddaughters like girly looking socks. :)
    Those mossy trees make me want to come to FL! I always know I am getting close to 'home' when I see moss on the trees. It's one of my favorite things about the South. (minus the chiggers)
    Have a blessed week, my friend!

  7. Pam, I love all of your crochet work! I showed Lily the socks and she loved them. It's amazing what a little bit of crochet trim can do to a garment.

  8. Your projects are adorable. I to have been enjoying the little things this summer, unrushed or hurried.


  9. I have had fun catching up on your blogposts! You are such a talented writer-- I can picture it all in my head even without the photos :) now I am trying my best not to be jealous of Elizabeth and Marie-- I want to go on a beachside picnic too! And enjoy all of your good company :). Meanwhile, we are relegated to the indoors-- these Western NC mosquitos just love us, and greet us with a kiss everything we open the door!

    We stay busy, the boys are busy creating "experiments" and solar ovens and visiting with Uncle Luke; and I am doing some lazy summer reading and stay busy cleaning up after the boy experiments :) Elyse is learning the joy of flushing toilets and is pretty much officially potty trained, and poor Nathan is in his studio working on a side project (which we are thankful for!) But we are all chomping at the bit to see you soon!

  10. These are wonderful sentiments, there are so many blessings in the ordinary and to tell you the truth I love ordinary mundane days. Those are the days that make up the bulk of our life. I love that you are filling them up with serving your family, being creative, and taking care of the "everyday "tasks, not always exciting but I think thats what we are called to do. Take care