Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Favorites

Fall brings the cozy things of life up front don't you think?  A crackling fire, a warm sweater,  fuzzy slippers, a cup of  hot chocolate, a good book (does anyone still read books made of paper anymore?) are all a part of what make Fall a favorite time of year for me.  I love going over my list of Fall Favorites, and pulling out some of our traditions. Making special moments throughout each season helps bring joy and meaning into our life as well as happy memories for our family.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Baking up some apple goodness.

Tossing together a Fall Snack Mix.

....and a few more.

What are some of your favorite Fall Traditions?

Pumpkin Torte Recipe here

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Have a lovely weekend Everyone.  May you be blessed with the peacefulness of His Spirit this Fall Season.


  1. Beautiful. It all sounds lovely. Would you mind if I joined in with you on some of your excursions? Happy Fall! XOXO

  2. These are great ideas, Pam. We've done many of them. Now that I am living on the coast I have to think of other things to do. I've been collecting seashells and I'm going to try my hand at painting some of them autumn colors. We shall see how they turn out.

  3. Hello, I have enjoyed seeing all your lovely fall suggestions. I did make my fall mix with all the yummy's that just say fall to me. We did have a hay-ride and a bonfire. I think I will start a fire in the wood stove tonight as it is starting to feel chilly.
    Hugs, Roxy

  4. Dearest Pam...what a delightful post celebrating Fall! Today we are roasting in sunny South Africa and oh my! I think Summer has arrived early...but there are wonderful things about each season and I will come back to this lovely post when cooler das once again roll around...{{Smiles}}
    I loved all your pictures and words...hope you have a very blessed and peaceful weekend...and enjoy cuddling up in front of the fire!
    Much love,

  5. Beautiful! My favorite time of the year!

  6. I hope to make the cinnamon gingerbread men. :) Those have always been some of my favorite decorations.:) Thanks for sharing.

  7. It's always nice to pop in and read your words, lingering on each recipe and peeking at your fun crafts. You are so creative. I admire that about you. Our fall lists are much the same. Family, food and making memories. Sweet times.

    I often come to your blog for yummy recipes and am reminded of ones I wanted to try but didn't. This time it's the meal in a pumpkin recipe that caught my eye. I love that one. I have 3 little pumpkins out on my front porch that are going to be used for your beautiful recipe.

    Thank you for sharing. I am always encouraged!