Monday, December 16, 2013

A Cowboy Christmas Brunch


Getting things done ahead is the only way I can do a nice Christmas morning brunch... otherwise its scrambled eggs and Pop n Fresh around here.  Smile...  nothing wrong with that of course, but I love to put on a nice meal especially when there is a crowd coming to visit.    We have 4 little cowboys and a little baby cowgirl,  to join us this year, not to mention the big "Cowfolk" that will be here as well.  So.. it is a Cowboy's Christmas brunch for us.

I have made almost everything ahead of time and it is now in the freezer ready to go for Christmas morning.  We Cooked up a nice roast beef and plenty of potatoes to prepare for this.  Steve helped me to chop everything (His help is always greatly appreciated by me, and he is always quick to volunteer when he has a minute); the final preparation will be the easy part. 

I made up the napkins and napkin rings from a batch of bandanas and some leather ornaments our friend/neighbor Brett made for us a while back.  I thought they decorated the napkins perfectly, and made great party favors as well.  I was inspired by Lisa's napkins  over on Celebrate Creativity in all its forms.  If you want some wonderful Christmas decorating ideas and activities, check out her "25 days of Christmas" posts.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each one of them.

I used burlap and raffia to decorate for this brunch.  They are not fussy;  my imperfections can hide quite easily in this mode of decorating.  Burlap is the "thing" these days, and can be easily found and inexpensively paid for.  Love it.  

For the napkin rings,  I used burlap ribbon I had bought on sale earlier this year.  It is nice to use ribbon, because the edges are already  finished; only one cut is necessary.

Love Brett's leatherwork ornaments.

These Cowboy dishes were given to us many years ago by Steve's Grandparents.  They collected them in their younger years.  They are a treasure that we enjoy to this day.
I love the coffee pot.  It is unique, don't you think?

There were teacups/coffee cups....

    mugs, plates (big and little) and bowls.  There is medium sized platter and a big serving bowl as well.

This main dish is cooked and served in a cast iron skillet, cowboy style.

The Green Chili is hot and tastes wonderful over the hash and eggs.

Roast Beef Hash and Eggs; a breakfast to satisfy any Cowboy; made with diced Roast Beef, potatoes, onions and green chilies and topped with an egg or two for everyone.

The Cinnamon Rolls and Biscuits can all be made ahead and frozen before being baked.  



  1. Wow Mom, seeing everything all set out and decorative is really making this homesick girl more homesick! All of the cowboy china is really bringing the memories back. It makes me soooooooo happy to enjoy Christmas Day this way :) You all are going to have a blast especially all those little cowboys, and girl ;) you are the best Momma and Grammy! I am very much thinking of cooking this for our Christmas morning! I love you!!!

  2. I'm bowled over (and hoping my family don't read your post and realize how much they're missing out on!!)

    This looks wonderful and I *love* your photos and commentary. I can *feel* your love for your home and family through the screen, Pam x

  3. Love it all. That coffee pot is THEE best!!

    Such a pretty meal and I love that you can make it ahead. I've clicked on some of the links and I'm going to check them out this week.

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Yummy! I'll see you Christmas morning bright and early.... Smiles :)

    Hmm, I might have to make a Pam style Cowboy Breakfast here too!

    I hope you guys are doing well and the first batch of cowboys and cowgirls made it in without a hitch!

    Love to you,

  5. Hello Dear Friend!
    Hey can cowgirls eat this also?
    This post made my mouth water, as Amy would say where is the smell button :)
    Wishing you the Very Merriest Christmas Ever!!
    Enjoy and ponder all His love He has given us this season!
    XOXO Roxy