Friday, July 26, 2019

How to Host an Essential Oil Roller Bottle Party

 Essential oil roller bottles are the  perfect way to create recipes and remedies that are natural, uplifting and healing, all in one easy to apply little bottle.

Recently I have learned how much fun it is to host an essential oil roller bottle party, and have hosted a few, with great success and enjoyment all around. I don't know what it is that is so much fun about dripping wonderful smelling concoctions of various essential oils into bottles, with  daughters, girlfriends, food and drink, but I love it. 

Hosting a Roller Bottle Party is a wonderful way to share, teach, learn and enjoy  all the benefits of essential oils with friends, and will allow each person to take home a roller bottle or two of their own creation. It is the best of fun to make these amazing and beautiful little jewels of healing, together in a wonderful atmosphere of friendship.
And I might add, that making Roller Bottles is a great activity to add to any party, such as a birthday party, wedding shower, craft day, luncheon, or just a "stand alone" Essential Oils Roller Bottle Party, I promise, it'll be a hit.

 If you want to make a roller bottle, I put together an essential oil roller bottle guide in a previous post, which you can read here, as well as some of my favorite recipes in another post, here; feel free to check them out.
If you're thinking about hosting an Essential Oil Roller Bottle Party, read on for a few ideas.

Some tips to plan your roller bottle party:

  • Be prepared to supply enough essential oils, bottles and supplies for each person to create a roller bottle.

  • Give yourself enough time to order supplies, allowing  time for their specific shipping. I order my bottles, labels and any other supplies from Amazon and Etsy, all of which have varied times of delivery.  (I don't have any affiliates with any of these, except with the Young Living, but I highlighted some Amazon links just to make it easier to find some of the items). Young Living Oils take approximately a week, so is best to check and plan accordingly. 

  • Send invitations.  Phone call or mail works fine, or create a group event on social media platforms; ask for an RSVP, so you can know how many to plan for.

  • Decide on a dollar amount needed to create each roller bottle, and mention it in the invitation.  I set a small price to cover my expenses of bottles and oils, but you could ask anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 dollars, depending on your cost.

What you will need:

  1. A Good Variety of Essential Oils:  Try to offer a nice variety of Essential Oils that are well known favorites, and also what you know will be needed for many of the recipes you will be providing. I buy my essential oils from Young Living , because of the quality of their oils and their "seed to seal" commitment. You can find them through my shop on the link above, or under my header if you're interested in them.
  2. A Good Quality Carrier Oil or Message Oil: Such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or  Grape Seed Oil .  Young Living also makes an excellent message oil with a combination of high quality oils. 
  3. Empty Roller Bottles: Most of mine come from Amazon I usually order the 10 ml size, but have also order the little half sizes, to give as gifts.
  4. Small funnels or droppers: these are optional for the oils, because most oils have a drip top, allowing good control, but when pouring the carrier oil into the bottle, you will want either a pump top on the bottle, a funnel or a dropper to give you better control when adding to the roller bottle. Many of the roller bottles come with droppers.
  5. Labels: Write in lables or Pre-printed 
  6. Recipes:You can either print off multiple copies of each recipe for each person to take and keep, or provide blank recipe cards and recipes, and allow each person to copy the recipes they choose.
  7. Recipe Cards and Pens: For writing down recipes, as mentioned above.

More Options:

  1. Organic Dried Flowers, Small Gemstones, or Tiny Seashells: to add some loveliness to your roller bottles with tiny naturals.
  2. A Carrier to place bottles in while loading with oils: this prevents toppling bottles and wasting oil; believe me, it breaks your heart when you do it, and I have.  Many of the roller bottles come in a sponge type block, and you can reuse these when you are loading  your bottles with oils, another good idea is a lipstick holder such as what you use to organize cosmetics.
  3. Refreshments: Coffee and tea, with cookies or snacks, are always so nice to offer. Having a brunch, lunch or light meal with Roller Bottle Party to follow is great fun as well. 

Supply a variety of essential oils, labels, roller bottles and lids;

These are some of the roller bottles and lids that I provided at my recent roller bottle party.

I ordered organic rosebuds and flower buds, petals and gemstone chips from Amazon. These are optional of course, but they add such a pretty dimension to the roller bottle, and they also have their own therapeutic components which may leach into the oils.

Before the party begins, prepare by setting up a work table with elbow room for everyone. Set out your oils so that they are visible and accessible for anyone at the table to grab. Putting the top labels on the lids will help. I  also grouped the oils into categories  to help even further. Here were some of the ways I categorized them:

  • Flower oils (lavender, geranium, rose, chamomile, etc)
  • Citrus oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime, etc)
  • Spice oils  (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove etc)
  • Woodsy oils (cedarwood, spruce, sandalwood, etc)
  • Herbal oils  (Oregano, Basil Thyme, Rosemary, etc)
  • Raindrop oils 
  • Immune support oils

I printed out copies of my own essential oils guide, with some recipes for each girlfriend, and also provided recipe cards for them to write down recipes that I provided, or for them to create their own recipe.

I cut up the packaging bases that the roller bottles arrive in, and now I have plenty of bottle holders for everyone to use while creating their roller bottles.

Providing recipes is important, but it is also fun to allow everyone to create their own recipes. I provided an essential oil guide that shows what oils can be used for what ever symptoms someone might have, and from that chart, they were able to create a recipe themselves.

Don't you love how pretty those petals look in there? More on
 "how to" in the  Roller Bottle Guide.

Have Fun


  1. Oh My Goodness, The party you hosted was so amazing! It was so well planned and the oils and products you shared was spectacular... You might say it was the most informative and we all were able to make roller bottles for what we needed the most! Mine was pain and one for uplifting mood. Lunch was a feast! Hugs, Roxy

    1. Awww, thanks so much for the comments, Rox; that just blesses me, and thanks for coming.

  2. This looks like so much fun Mom! I can't get over how beautiful everything looks. Getting my all inspired! The lunch mentioned above, sounds good too haha :)

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