Home Management

Welcome to the Home Management link.  Here you will find tips,  recipes or ideas for running a household.  It will include categories for cleaning,  organizing, budgeting, decorating, raising a family, adoption and more.

Marriage, Family, Children and Adoption

Our Story
A Homemaker in all Seasons
Our Adoption Story
Thoughts About Adoption 8 1/2  Years Later
Eddie Goes to Prom
Eddie's 8th Graduation
Russell Graduates
Russell Graduates from Boot Camp
Secrets to a Happy Marriage
Olga Graduates
Olga goes to College
Comfort Food and Adoption
Good Mother's

Home Remedies
15 Home Remedies for Cold and Flue Season
Chicken Soup for Cold and Flu
Essential Oil Roller Bottle Guide
10 Favorite Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes
Garlic for Healing
Ginger Tea
Ginger Tonic
Honey and Cinnamon
Honey and Lemon Cold Remedy
Goot Ointment
Better "Better Butter"


Decorating the Home and Home Makeovers 
"A Quick Pillow Makeover" :give your couch a new look
Kitchen Makeover Part 1
Kitchen Makeover Part 2
Kitchen Makeover Part 3:
Inside the Kitchen Cabinet

Decorating for the Holidays
DIY Cinnamon Pinecones
Christmas Traditions
Fall Foraging
Fresh Flowers in Winter
Decorating with Fresh Flowers
25 Cozy Ways to Enjoy Fall
Fall Favorites
Valentines and Special Moments

Holidays, Seasons, Special Days, Menus and Ideas
Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Cowboy Christmas Brunch
Cowboy lunch
Company Menu
Valentines Dinner Chicken
Valentines Dinner Meatloaf
A Happy Memory Valentines Day Party
A Rosie Valentine Tea
Easter Lunch
Potato Party
Summer Menu Plans

Fourth of July Patriotic Desserts:
Berry Cream Pie
Cherry and Blueberry Slab Pie
A Fall Tea Party
A Special Thanksgiving
Picnic Ideas

Food Management/Cooking and Kitchen Tips
A Trim Healthy Mama
Cooking for a Crowd
How Should we then Eat?
How to Dry and Preserve Fresh Herbs
How to Freeze Fresh Basil
How to Freeze Cookie Dough
Freezing Carrot Puree
Keeping Your Cool in the Summer Kitchen
Making Homemade Turkey Broth
12  Ways to Eat Well
25 Tips for an Organized Kitchen
Picnic ideas

A little pantry organizing
Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink
Turning an armoire into more kitchen space
25 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

Country Living
Chickie's New House
New Pullets
My Chicken Board on Pinterest
For the Love of Goats
My "Goat" Board on Pinterest
North American Spotted Draft Horses
Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys
Of Cows
Mutton Busters
Apple Picking

The Garden
James and the Giant Zucchini
Garden Notes: Building raised beds. June 2014
Garden Notes and Square Foot Gardening August 2014
Garden Notes for June 2013
Garden Notes and Green Bean T.P.s
Drying and Preserving Herbs
Freezing Fresh Basil
New Seasons
Pinto Beans
Water Tank Green House
Corn Dogs
Potatoes in a tub
My "Homegrown" board on Pinterest
My Farm Board on Pinterest

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