Sunday, January 1, 2012


Crafts and More

Welcome to the "Homemade" Link.
Here you will find a table of contents  to a variety of crafts and homemade items.  I have arranged the crafts into months and linked them in the month that seemed like a good place to find them. It is not necessarily the same date that they were first published in, so don't let it throw you off when you open them up under March or April, and they are dated October.    Most of them have instructions with them, but not all.  I hope  you enjoy them, and they will inspire some ideas for you.   There is also some links to some of our parties we have had, as well as some everyday homemade links.  Some of my older posts are not always the best of pictures... I have gotten a little better at that as I have grown with my blog, but perhaps they will be fun to look at anyway.

My Homemade Board on Pinterest
My Craft and DIY Board on Pinterest

Clothespin Makeover                                                                  
Making Jewelry/ Necklace                                               
Making Jewelry/ Earrings

Valentine Sachets                                                                
Soothing Bath Salts for Valentines                                 
Origami Boxes     
Paper Heart Garland  
Paper Hearts with Spanish Moss
Magnetic Greeting Card
Rose Potpourri
Wooden Clothespin  Airplanes      


In Like a Lion out like a Lamb Crochet Lion                       
Decorating Flower Pots                                                     
Paper Mache Lamb                                                              
Paper Butterflies 



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